Tuesday, December 23, 2008

grades are in!

I received my grade for my 3rd class - B+

Not too bad. I expected the grade, so I wasn't surprised. I could have put in more effort, but it is what it is. This January I'm going to apply for my Master's in History with a concentration in applied history for enrollment in the Fall. Hopefully they will accept me regardless of my GRE score. So far I have 2 A's and a B+: I think I can manage this graduate school thing :P

Anthony applied for his Master's in EE with a concentration in communications at George Mason and was accepted!(via email last week - a little informal in my opinion) We are both school bound and drowning in homework. BUT we couldn't be happier to be on break, for now. Class doesn't start up until January 20th (I think) so until then - schoools out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

end of semester blues

I've been incredibly busy with homework, reading and projects - it's pretty much all I do now. Except maybe play WoW with Anthony (and Merrill, Hillers, Nick, Evan, Jonna, Ixtab, Bang) since the expansion released last week. There may have been some playing of video games between my many hours of research and writing.

Brother finished fall quarter and is in VA visiting until Friday. I will take some time off to play with him tonight, and have yummy dinner. But then back to homework. There is a reason for this continual homework madness - the next two weekends are packed with awesome plans. Who wants to worry about homework when there's fun to be had?! The sooner and the more I get done, the better.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

this are serious post

I had my follow up doctor's appointment yesterday with my bow tie wearing gastroenterologist. It went as well as can be expected, considering. He said about half of my intestines are inflamed and affected by Crohn's colitis. The medicine I've been taking since the end of August seems to be helping. Hopefully it will continue to help and I won't have to go back to see Dr Hardi until my 3 month follow up!

I've been diagnosed with Crohn's for almost a year. I have been in denial for most of the time, and refused treatment. I didn't think I needed medicine; especially after my first prescription I had an allergic reaction and had hives all along my lower back - that was Christmas day - what a present that was. I thought that I could regulate with diet and exercise, believing it to be a passing ailment and that I would soon be back to normal. Well, changing my diet did help, but it seems my body decided to tell me I needed more. With school and work and life - the stress and hectic schedule I like to maintain didn't seem to help. I started to fall back into a flare in July. I didn't want to believe that I wasn't well and tried to ignore it. I kept busy, but slowly intense pain and really bad symptoms (I'll spare the gross details) were hurting me mutiple times an hour. With my and Anthony's trip to Iceland coming up, I decided it was time to suck it up and fill the prescription my doctor gave me back in January. I hate taking medicine, and I was afraid of the side effects. I'm part of a forum for Crohnies and many have not had good experiences using my new medicine. At that point I was desperate, and didn't want to go to the hospital. It took a few weeks before I noticed a significant change, but I am grateful that it has been helping.

I think that I'm finally starting to accept that I have Crohn's. It scares me that I'll never be 100% healthy, that I'll always have to take medicine. It sucks that I can't be as carefree as I want to be. That I have to pass on staying out late or participating in social events, that I can't eat certain foods I love and I have to be diligent. I do realize that I am incredibly lucky compared to many others who have Crohn's and I pray that I can stay in remission and that no matter what I can handle and manage anything. It helps that I have friends and family who have been so supportive and loving. And my amazing boyfriend for trying to understand and help me and being patient with me and my many ups and downs. I couldn't ask for anything better from the people I love.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

new favorite

I am an avid watcher of movies - I love them! And actively add movies to my Netflix queue. To my delight, a movie that I was very interested in was available to rent! It arrived Tuesday and I have probably watched it at least 3 times since then (it's only an hour and a half long).

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day : Starring the ever adorable Amy Adams as Delysia, who also played Giselle in Enchanted (and if you haven't seen that - get on it!), and Frances McDormand as Miss Pettigrew. Drop back into the 1939 - a whirlwind of forbidden passion and love.

Miss Guinevere Pettigrew is a middle-aged governess who finds herself once again unfairly dismissed from her job. Without so much as severance pay, Miss Pettigrew realizes that she must--for the first time in two decades--seize the day. This she does, by intercepting an employment assignment outside of her comfort level--as "social secretary." Arriving at a penthouse apartment for the interview, Miss Pettigrew is catapulted into the glamorous world and dizzying social whirl of an American actress and singer, Delysia Lafosse. Within minutes, Miss Pettigrew finds herself swept into a heady high-society milieu--and, within hours, living it up. Taking the "social secretary" designation to heart, she tries to help her new friend Delysia navigate a love life and career. Over the span of 24 hours, Guinevere and Delysia will empower each other to discover their romantic destinies.

I absolutely enjoyed this movie and was easily swept into the fun and excitement. I tend to get taken into movies easily and feel every bit of emotion they express - I highly recommend this movie to my lady friends!

Friday, September 12, 2008

our trip to iceland!

It took me a while to get all the pictures up from our trip to Iceland - but I did it! Finally, for your viewing pleasure - Anthony and Heather's Iceland Adventure!

We left Sunday August 31st, and that entire day was pretty much spent on travel. We were delayed multiple times (thanks Delta) before and after landing and finally checked in for our Icelandair flight just after 6pm. It's a really good thing we had a 5+ hour layover at JFK - any less and we would have missed our flight. Ed, Melissa and Marilyn came to the airport to visit with us before we took off. They brought presents - beer, meat pocket and gushers! The flight was uneventful and just over 5 hours. We watched some tv shows and napped.

We landed Monday Sept 1 around 630am (4+ hour time difference). We hopped on the bus which took us into the city and capital - Reykjavík. We easily found our first guesthouse and were able to enjoy some of their delicious breakfast. They have cereals, fruit, meat, cheese, bread, jam, coffee and tea - lots to choose from. Breakfast was one of my favorite parts of each day, it was so delicious everywhere we went. The first day we spent walking around the city and learned about Iceland's history. We went to a few museums and went shopping down the main street. We found a fake geyser, chased a lot of ducks/birds and were really glad when it was time for bed.

Tuesday Sept 2 our travel agent had arranged a private tour for me and Anthony with "Highlander" around the Golden Circle. He was born and raised in Iceland and told us a lot of stories about the land and the people. Our first stop he took us to see a topographical map of Iceland that was hand made. It was GIANT and it was neat to see all the mountains and how large the glaciers are. We drove next to Pingvellir (p said like th) where he took us to the fault line. The American and European plates are slowly pulling apart from one another and have created a crevice pulling the American side down and lifting up the European. We hiked around the fault line and also found a hidden waterfall. We stopped along the road to fill our water bottle with fresh spring water. It was incredibly cold and delicious. It's amazing that you can drink from almost every fresh water source. We were excited, to make up for the fake geyser - we got to see real active geysers! There were a few spots that were boiling with water, like a pot on the stove, and one that would erupt every 5 - 10 mins. Before we stopped for lunch (mmm meat soup!) we hiked around a giant waterfall Gullfoss. We were very cautious while jumping around on the rocks around the falls, but took a lot of pictures. It was really windy, wet and cold. The drive back was filled with amazing landscapes and more stories from our guide. The last stop on our tour was at a giant crater. Many many years ago there was a volcanic eruption and the result was a giant crater. Once we were back in the city from our day long tour, we decided to go to Icelandic Fish and Chips for dinner. It was THE best fish and chips I have EVER had. (and yes I have had fish and chips in London) The fish was so delicious and not too greasy, and each plate came with a different side - we shared seasoned potatoes and vegetables.

Wednesday Sept 3rd we left our guesthouse and picked up our rental car and set out to explore Iceland on our own. The landscape was beautiful and I have never seen anything like it before. It changed often, but it was always vast land with few farms, lots of sheep, horses and cows. Our first discovery was a waterfall (sefjatundsfoss) not too far from our second guesthouse. We were able to walk up to it AND behind it. It was very wet, but luckily we had rain jackets to wear over our coats to keep us dry. It was an exciting start to our road trip. We tried to check in to our second guesthouse, but no one was there, so decided to drive further and see what else we could find and explore. We drove to Skoga and in this small town of less than 300 people, there was a giant waterfall - skogafoss. Anthony went as close as he could to the falls without actually getting into the water. He got pretty wet getting so close. Along the right side of the waterfall there were stairs (383 stairs to be exact - they were very tiring to climb!) that led up to the top of the falls. From there you could see out to the ocean. After climbing back down the many stairs, we drove over to the largest folk museum. It was late in the day and they were closing, but at the door we were greeted by an old man. He was very friendly and seemingly excited that we were Americans. He brought us through the museum and told us to quietly join the end of the tour group - free of charge. There were a lot of very old artifacts from the vikings/settlers daily lives. The museum also had a mock settlement outside. We ran around and played inside each building, taking fun pictures. The nice old man was also outside. We started seeing him around randomly throughout the settlements and also inside the settlement church where he was playing and singing at the organ. The next day we even saw him driving around in a car! Once we were done playing "viking" in Skogar we hopped back in the car and intended to go to Lava beach. BUT we were diverted and saw a sign for a path that led to hiking at the glacier solheimajokull. After a bumpy 15+ min ride down a dirt/rock road we parked and hiked along towards the end of the glacier. It was really dirty, but amazing to see. There was even a natural glacial cave carved in part of it. We tried to cross the glacial river to get to a larger part of it, but found the sand very wet and not a good idea. My left foot suffered the consequences of cold glacier water and volcanic mud. Apparently, I can't jump as far as Anthony - who knew!

Thursday Sept 4th we left the guesthouse nna and our first stop was Lava beach. There were a lot of rock formations and it was the first beach I'd ever seen that had black sand! We also played around in a cove for a while, but the tide was coming in fast so we didn't stay down there long. We did manage to get a bunch of nice pictures before we had to escape the rushing waves. We climbed around on rocks and collected a few very smooth black smaller rocks. It was a longer drive from the guesthouse anna and all the sights we found before our final destination of skaftafel weren't marked on our map. There was a place with thousands of rocks piled up high, that was meant to offer good luck to the farmer who used to own that plot of land. Many years ago a volcano erupted and destroyed most of his land. All who pass by the first time place a rock to offer good luck. We added a rock to the growing collection. We also found a giant gorge that had been carved out from a glacial river, that now barely exists. We were able to climb to the top of the gorge and run around, but the edges were very steep and Anthony didn't feel comfortable with either of us getting too close to the edge; it had an amazing view from the top. Continuing on we found another settlement that had been restored and I wanted to walk around. Anthony believes that if you've seen one settlement - you've seen them all. Which is true - they are all pretty much the same thing. Most of the southern part of Iceland isn't inhabited. You can see the largest glacier from the ring road and miles and miles of sand. In 1996 there was a volcanic eruption under the glacier and it wiped out the main bridge for the road. They had a piece of the old bridge with a sign about the event.

We reached Skaftafell late in the afternoon, but still had more than enough daylight to go hiking at the national park. (the sun sets around 10pm or later usually) We decided to hike along the lower trails first, to see a few of the smaller waterfalls. Then we hiked to svartifoss - the largest of the waterfalls in skaftafell. The waterfall was formed in a half circle and the rock wall looked like lego blocks. We played around and took many pictures before we decided to continue on and hike to the top. The view from the top was just amazing. I really can't describe most of what we saw during our trip, everything was breathtaking. The trail map we had wasn't the best and didn't really have a lot of the trails we ended up taking. We managed to figure out our own way down back to the visitors center. A lot of the hotels and restaurants in Iceland are overpriced, and for dinner that night we ate at a gas station. I know what you're thinking - but it was delicious. That night we played multiple card games (I won a lot of the games) and enjoyed a delicious bottle of wine. We watched an old Steve Martin movie (yay for one tv channel) and slept soundly.

Friday Sept 5th we explored the south east part of Iceland and played near the largest glacier. On our way to Jökulsárlón (glacier lagoon) we found our own little lagoon. It was just off the main road and there wasn't anyone else around. It was gorgeous. You could see more details of the glacier and there were giant icebergs floating around. They were blue and white and very large. We threw some rocks at the ice, skipped some stones and threw smaller pieces of ice into the lagoon. There were a lot of colorful red, green and yellow rocks too. We played here for a while before getting back into the car and headed to Jökulsárló. At the actual lagoon we hopped on a boat/car tour and drove into the lagoon. We were able to take up close pictures of the icebergs and hear some fun facts about the glacier, the lagoon and area. We took a path down to the beach and followed the river from the lagoon to the ocean. There were giant pieces of ice that were stuck en route to the ocean and more black sand. We played with some of the ice that had washed on shore and even saw a seal! He was swimming very happily and checking us out. We decided after the lagoon and lunch we would head back to Skaftafell National Park and do some more hiking. We had only hiked about 3 trails the day before and there were a lot more we wanted to explore. The terrain changed with each trail and we had a lot of fun. I think that hiking is definitely one of my top moments of our trip. We got to explore and see an amazing view and while we hiked we had uninterrupted conversation and stories.

Saturday Sept 6th was our last full day before coming home. We spent most of the day driving back along the ring road to our next guesthouse destination. Luckily it was actually sunny on Saturday! It had been sunny the first two days, and the rest of the week was generally overcast and foggy. But Saturday, the sun came out to play! We passed spots and waterfalls that we had seen before, but this time we had a different view of them. We could see the tops of mountains and we specifically returned to Skogafoss to see the waterfall with sunshine! There was a beautiful rainbow by the falls and the view was amazing. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Anthony took a lot of pictures at the falls; these are definitely some of my favorites. After we checked into our next guesthouse we decided to wander around the town. Directly across from our room there were hot springs! We could see (and smell) them from our balcony. There was a hiking trail up to the point of the hot springs where each pool of intensly hot water (and mud) was bubbling and in some spots it was erupting, but not like geyers. Afterwards we enjoyed a warm dip in the hot pot (hot tub) next to the room and a river. That night we watched a European dance competition, while playing su do ku, and cuddles.

Sunday Sept 7th was our last day, but we had one more exciting morning and afternoon planned! Before our 6 hour flight back home we went to the Blue Lagoon. A natural mineral pool, that's heated by the steam from the earth. It was gray, rainy, windy and the coldest day we had experienced. Even though the Blue Lagoon was outside, the water kept us very warm. The water was an amazing blue color, completely unexpected. We tried to take pictures but it was much too cold to get pictures of us in the water together. We hung out in the lagoon for almost 3 hours before we had to shower and get ready to catch our flight home.

Iceland was an amazing trip that I am so incredibly happy we were able to take. Every time I run through the pictures I remember every moment, activity and exploring we did and the fun we had together. We saved anything and everything we did on our trip and I plan on making a scrapbook for us to remember our trip together. Each day Anthony would get more excited about contributing to the scrapbook and gathered more maps, pictures and brochures for us to include. It is definitely a week with Anthony I will remember and cherish always.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We are back from Iceland, and it was amazing. The entire week was non-stop adventure, fun and awesome. Hopefully we will upload our 800+ pictures soon and I can write a lot about our trip. For now, I'm getting back into work and life, but am still living Iceland in my mind :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

body fail

I've given in, gave up - and started a new medicine for my Crohn's. Please forgive me for the next few days if I'm cranky, groggy or useless. It's going to take a little while for my body to get accustomed to the new meds, and I pray that they work! I'm tired of being in pain. It's only been one day since I started - but I woke up with a headache and I feel like a zombie. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. This time the medicine (Pentasa) is less potent, and won't suppress my immune system or anything incredibly scary like before. The pills are bright blue and are GIANT, I have to take 2 pills 3 times a day. Luckily, they are gel pills, and look like those little toys that when you put in water - a sponge like dinosaur appears! Except, mine has bits of medicine inside, hehe. I can't wait to get home from work and have nap.

Monday, August 11, 2008

mom and gramz

My mom and grandma flew up from Florida Friday afternoon to spend the weekend in DC with me and my brother. It's convenient since Chris and I are in the same area code for the summer, so they took advantage of the time to visit.

Friday we started with a delicious dinner at Earl's Sandwiches and went to the Courthouse theater to see The Mummy 3. Yah, I know what you're thinking - who would see that movie?! Since we have an obsession with the first two mummy movies, we had to see this one as a family. It was OK and probably would have been a lot better had Rachel Weiz kept her role as Evelyn. We went to their hotel room to hang out and we watched Iron Man - which I hadn't seen before, and really really liked!

Saturday we woke up early and had a bagel breakfast before going to see some monuments in DC. Chris had made plans weeks in advance to do paintball, so he was gone for most of the day. We saw the big monuments, had an Italian Ice and went back to Clarendon to do some shopping. I got a lot of new clothes and a jacket for my and Anthony's trip to Iceland! We met up with Chris for dinner, and played Clue at the hotel. And I won, it was Mrs. Peacock in the Billard Room with the Candle Stick.

Sunday we slept in and were lazy. We brought my mom and gramz to Bob and Edith's for breakfast (mmm blueberry pancakes!) and spent the day at Tyson's Corner, shopping. Chris and I got a lot of really nice new clothes and accessories, we are very spoiled. After we saw Pineapple Express, which was ridiculous, and my grandmother actually enjoyed (minus the swearing and occasional representations of gay sex). They left this morning on a flight back home. I already miss them and continue to hate that my family lives so far apart. But we had a really good time and hopefully they will visit (or I will visit in FL!) again soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

first trip to texas

A week ago, my brother and I flew to San Antonio to visit my dad. He recently got a new job as the Director of Engineering at Albany Engineered Composites. He packed up and moved from Santa Barbara to San Antonio where he will live for a year and then move to work at the main branch in New Hampshire. We took this chance to see Texas, my dad and his new digs.

The first thing we noticed - it was sooo hot. Everyday, all day. The sun felt like it was melting my body. My dad said that it was worse than usual because of the hurricane that passed through a few days before. But it was humid, and a lot more green than I was expecting. We arrived Friday night and went directly from the airport to the River Walk to have dinner, and walk around the city. The River Walk is literally, a river through the city that is surrounded by restaurants and shops. There were tons of people (most of them were pretty large) and continual boat tours up and down the river. I bought new sunglasses and fun presents (a cowboy hat for Anthony).

Saturday we went to the Alamo! We walked around with head sets and listened to history and learned about the people who died fighting the Mexicans. I learned that the Alamo didn't use to have a roof - only the barracks did. We took a bunch of pictures and ate ice cream. We had lunch on the river walk and spent the afternoon shopping and exploring the river area.

Sunday we woke up early and explored caves 30 minutes from my dads apartment. These caves were featured in an 1980s Patrick Swazye movie, Fatherhood. The caves are privately owned and actually had a lot of its own history. Indians used to live inside the cave, and man used the cave to hide from the police for many years. They had (supposedly) bones in the wall from a wooly mammoth and a tusk sticking out of the ground. The company had been giving tours since it was found in the 1930s. It was cool to see all the stalagmites and stalactites, and it felt very cold. Their main catch was there was a 100ft waterfall underground. It was a lie. Well, kind of. There used to be an active 100ft waterfall. But over time, it became a 100ft drizzle. So they used pipes to make it seem like it was still active. The ceiling was really cool, it had holes and swirls where water used to flow that carved out the ceiling. It was too dark to get any good pictures of the ceiling unfortunately.

After the caves we went to Sea World. We rode a bunch of rides and got very wet. Which makes sense, it's of the sea. We left at closing and were coming back early Monday to play at the park some more and also - play with a sea lion! My brother and I got to have a sea lion follow our commands to do tricks, swim, stick out its tongue, and get us soaking wet. It was a lot of fun! We also played for a while next to the Atlantis water ride - because everytime a boat came down the ramp, it drenched us in water - which was welcomed from the heat. Lines were too long and we had to leave so I could get ready to come back home to VA.

We had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed Texas. I'd love to go back to San Antonio again soon. We did a lot and I was exausted! But, really glad I got to hang out with my dad and brother. (and a day off from work)

Click here to see more pictures from my trip to San Antonio!
(ps. also new pictures from my and Ants trip to the Baltimore Aquarium!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

trip booked!

Anthony and I have been trying to go on a vacation just the two of us for a while now. For my birthday Anthony said that we would go either to Seattle or San Francisco. We tried to plan a few long weekends to book a flight and hotel, but life and my limited time off available from work, kept getting in the way. Then - two weeks ago - Anthony told me he was working on a surprise trip for the two of us. Eventually he told me where we were going to go - because he wanted my input for our week long adventure.

Destination - Iceland!

From August 31st - September 7th - we have planned out our entire trip!

Day 1: Fly from Dulles to JFK to Keflaví, Iceland. - We will land very early and have the entire day to explore the city on our own. For the next two nights we will be staying at Guesthouse Sunna in a studio apartment (breakfast is included!)

Day 2: We are going to take the Golden Circle Super Jeep tour.

Day 3: We will pick up our rental car, and drive to southwest Iceland. We will explore and experience backward driving, see giant icebergs! and eventually spend the night at Country Hótel Anna.

Day 4: We will drive along ring road eastward to southeast Iceland, for more exploration and spend the next two nights at Fosshótel Skaftafell.

Day 5: There will be a lot to see and do this day including (but not limited to!) Jökuklsárlón, also known as the Glacier Lagoon and exploring the coast including animals and history!

Day 6: We will drive back west along ring road to the hot springs town of Hveragerði. We will spend the night at Guesthouse Frost and Fire.

Day 7: Is our last day and we have a flight home that evening. We will drive along the south coast and spend our last hours at the Blue Lagoon before boarding the plane and heading home to VA.

I am so excited for this trip, it's going to be so much fun! New foods and sights, lots of pictures! There is a lot that we need to do to prepare for the trip, and that also includes shopping! New backpack, watch, fleece, sneakers - and new DS games :P I haven't had a big trip in over two years, so I'm really looking forward to having an entire week away from work, and time away before getting pulled back into school.

And of course, a long awaited trip with boyfriend <3

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

grades are in!

I received an email from my professor letting the class know he has submitted our final grades for the summer semester.

Despite the long hours, the 14 books (2-300 pages in average) I read in 7 weeks, 25 pages of writing and leading a class discussion - while working full time and maintaining some sort of social life - I received an A

hell yes.

I celebrated last night by playing Wow with Leigh, and Harry Potter (xbox360) on Ants giant new tv. Tonight I will enjoy a peach lambic, that Anthony got for me from Belgium, roll around and probably play more video games. Maybe watch a movie - oh the things I can do now. I am very proud of myself, this semester was a real challenge, and I'm incredibly glad that it's done!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

kitchen update

Evan left work early yesterday to be home with the second plumber. Supposedly it's fixed, and we won't get flooded again.

We went to Safeway and bought massive amounts of bleach, chemicals and a mop (and also 2 bottles of wine - this was necessary for the job we were undertaking)

It was the grossest cleaning experience, and Evan actually did most of the work. He wins teh prize! We bleached everything and anything that was in the kitchen. Jonna came by and fed us cookies while we worked, hehe. They were delicious! Unfortunately, we thought we were finished but discovered that water seeps into everything. So we have a little bit more to clean up, and one more good bleach mopping of the floor and cabinets, and we should be good to go. It smells a lot better than before, and soon I'll gain the courage to use the kitchen sink.

ps. thank you Sarah for the handbook link! I will keep that on hand - Evan apparently had already referenced it (him learning to be a lawyer and all) but it's new to me :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

gross broken kitchen

The kitchen sink started flooding/leaking Saturday July 12th. While working on my paper I bailed out the sink multiple times and tried to clean up all the water on the floor. Eventually I gave up.

I called the realtor, ProMax, Monday morning and they had the plumbers call me. I called them again Tuesday and they FINALLY sent someone Wednesday. The plumber
went to the apt - never called me - made a huge mess tramping around in his muddy shoes but managed to fix the leak UNDER the sink. (note: the water has been turned off in the kitchen for over a week now) He wasn't able to figure out or fix where the water was coming from on the floor or figure out why my sink kept filling up with SEWAGE water.

oh yes.

So it seemed to be fixed, and the plumber wasn't able to find anything that may have been blocking the sink or causing it to fill up. Friday I get home from work - floor flooded and sink filled again. The floor isn't flooded from the sink which makes this even more interesting. The sink has never overflowed, just filled up to the very brim. I called the plumber and he basically laughed at me. He told me they had sent someone, I told him it wasn't fixed - and he told me to shove something down the sink so that the water would come up somewhere else - like my tub or something. Oh yes, that's a GREAT idea. Lets plug up the shower OR the toilet - we don't need to use those at all. He finally tells me "we'll try to send someone Monday". More bailing of the sink and cleaning of the floor. And did I mention it smells? It smells horribly. Saturday, this happens again. Evan and I call ProMax and leave a message as this has been going on too long and they should have sent someone Friday to fix it! (another note: this isn't the first time this has happened in our kitchen sink - and last time it was just as difficult to get resolved, but less time and less gross!)

My apt is AWFUL right now - I don't want to be there AT ALL. It smells awful and there is no way this can be healthy OR sanitary.

The realtor called me this morning at work. I'd rather Evan call them, as he would probably be better at yelling at them than I would, but this lady - she honestly terrifies me. She said she would call the plumbers and call me back - but that she would rip them a new one. She is just as pissed about it as I am (at least she made me feel that way).

So its been over a week, my apartment is disgusting and I'm waiting to hear back from someone. We did take pictures of the sink and the floor, and we're thinking of hiring a cleaning service and having the company pay for it. It's one of the grossest things I've ever had to deal with. They better fix it today, or they will feel my (and Evan's) wrath.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008



I have JUST printed my final paper for my European History class.

This paper has dominated my life for the past week and a half. Every waking second (with the exception of Jill's bday line dancing/kareoke party - for obvious reasons) has been spent - researching and writing this paper.

Now all I have to do, is make it through tonight's last class!

Then I will come home and have WoW date with my boyfriend! - who, by the way - has been very helpful during the past few weeks. He offered much needed distractions and breaks, including cooking a delicious dinner last night, and wine.

I'm very excited to finally have free time and the ability to enjoy the summer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am supposed to get my first paper back tonight for this semester. I only have one other paper to write before this semester ends. This week and weekend will be filled with research and writing, blah. BUT my last class is next Wednesday, and then I will have freedom for a whole month! (Before the Fall semester starts August 25th)

I hope I did well on my first paper.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I made peanut butter and honey toast for breakfast, with some delicious black tea.

Honey I learned, is not only very sticky, it is also very tricky.

How can honey be tricky? Well it somehow managed to get all over my desk, my mouse pad, my hand, my wrist, my hair elastics, my chair, my sweater, and smeared all on the side of my dress.

I am one sticky honey mess.. and I feel like I am 2 years old :P

But I taste delicious!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I went to the Ophthalmologist today.

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I've been wearing my glasses a lot lately. I hate it. My left eye has been unable to focus completely, and I can't wear contacts because it makes it worse. Finally decided to go to a real doctor, and to never go to an Optometrist again!! He was useless and I hate him. He helped me temporarily, but in general, was a waste of time. The only bonus was that each time I went to have him look at my left eye, I never paid anything.

So the Ophthalmologist, was very nice. She put some iodine into my eyes - to which now my tears are yellow - and saw that my poor cornea of my left eye is INFLAMED. It's swollen and therefore can't focus, which is why I can't really see. So I have these milky white eye drops - one drop every 2 hours for 4 days and then every 3 hours, and I have to put some weird gel stuff in my eye lid when I sleeps. I will go back on Monday and she thinks I can go back to wearing contacts then, which should help further heal my poor eye! I can't wait until Monday, I just want to wear contacts again!

(and a point to which my dear friend Amy made :: My eye being inflamed - sounds like it should be a super power, sadly its not!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

beach bums

This past weekend was friend Jen Cohen's 28th birthday - and we celebrated at the beach! We spent the weekend in Rehoboth in a gorgeous condo, a 15 minute walk from the beach. Anthony, Chris and I took Friday off and Greg Rosko came down from NY to join in on the fun! In total there were 11 - Jen (birthday girl!), Billy, Dustin, Nancy, Ant, Chris, Greg, Molly, Eugene, Susie and me!

Friday we were lazy, laid on the beach, enjoyed dinner and the boys enjoyed beer from the Dog Fish Head brewery. Afterwards we played mini golf - which was pretty difficult to be honest. It was an island themed, and the boys wore island hats! We finished the evening playing board games, which is always competitive and fun.

Saturday we woke up early, had breakfast at the corner "Euro" breakfast shop - Greg ate an EGGnormous (it really was) breakfast sammich, I enjoyed a banana waffle and a mocha frappe. (with an accent over the E) The beach was sunny and HOT. The water was much much too cold to go swimming in, but we laid around and played dominoes, I read for class, and ate lots of snacks. That evening was a big mess - we tried to grill food for dinner (grill was much too small), cook in the kitchen, drink and watch movies - while being pushed to head out to the boardwalk. Once we finally made it to the boardwalk - we played many games and won little stuffed animals. (One of which I'm sending as a present to mah friend - can't say more yet, it's a surprise!) We also played a bunch of video games in the arcade and Ant bought me orange swirl ice cream in a cone! It's my favorite beach ice cream, so yummy.

Sunday we played plastic ball (in our attempt to NOT damage any cars in the parking lot, an empty water bottle will do!) until some a-hole ruined our fun, played around at the pool and headed home. It was a great long weekend! The weather held up pretty well, sunny for 90% of the beach day! and no rain until the ride home.

(hopefully pictures to come!)

Friday, May 16, 2008

stupid car, stupid me

For the past 3 years my car has been leaking in the trunk. I've brought it to two different car mechanic places without any resolution, and increasingly more water over time. Well Monday I finally made my leaking trunk situation completely awful. There was so much water in my trunk that when I drove it and stopped at the first stop sign, water came pouring into my car from my trunk. Awesome.

Each wheel well and the place for my spare tire were filled to the brim with water - thanks to all the rain we've been having lately in VA. The mechanic - Steven - told me if I wanted he could buy some fish and put them in my trunk. I'm glad he has a sense of humor.. because after telling me my damn sunroof was leaking AGAIN but this time into my trunk instead of into my car and that since I waited over 3 years to fix this problem until I was a complete idiot and created a worse swamp car situation for myself.. it will cost $250 for resetting the drain line for my sunroof and $300 for removing the carpet and seats from inside my car to dry and clean it out. Awesome.

I win the itoid award (yes it's spelt that way for a reason) and am now kicking myself for being lazy and stupid. Damn damn damn.