Friday, May 16, 2008

stupid car, stupid me

For the past 3 years my car has been leaking in the trunk. I've brought it to two different car mechanic places without any resolution, and increasingly more water over time. Well Monday I finally made my leaking trunk situation completely awful. There was so much water in my trunk that when I drove it and stopped at the first stop sign, water came pouring into my car from my trunk. Awesome.

Each wheel well and the place for my spare tire were filled to the brim with water - thanks to all the rain we've been having lately in VA. The mechanic - Steven - told me if I wanted he could buy some fish and put them in my trunk. I'm glad he has a sense of humor.. because after telling me my damn sunroof was leaking AGAIN but this time into my trunk instead of into my car and that since I waited over 3 years to fix this problem until I was a complete idiot and created a worse swamp car situation for myself.. it will cost $250 for resetting the drain line for my sunroof and $300 for removing the carpet and seats from inside my car to dry and clean it out. Awesome.

I win the itoid award (yes it's spelt that way for a reason) and am now kicking myself for being lazy and stupid. Damn damn damn.