Sunday, January 25, 2009

san antonio

January 23-25th I decided to visit my dad in Texas - within the next week he will be moving from Texas to New Hampshire and this was my last chance before his move to see and experience it again!

Friday was absolutely sunny and gorgeous, 75 degrees! Dad picked me up in his Z3, top down - and we headed straight to the mall. First enjoying some sushi and then, lots of shopping. I've never been the best at shopping, but I do enjoy when my dad decides to spoil me. I got a few shirts, gorgeous shoes and knee high boots - both of which I'm very excited to wear out! (Although by this time, I've already worn my boots - the shoes have yet to make their debut) That night we went to the movies, saw Grand Torino - which was really good and I highly recommend everyone see - and enjoyed beers. Yah, in Texas they have bars at movie theaters.

Saturday was unfortunately cooler, but we still took advantage of the day. We drove to see my dads office in Bourne and he showed off the plant. He works for an engineering company called Albany Engineering - they make parts for airplane engines and spacecrafts. It was pretty neat to see how large some of these parts are, and the process to make them. I also got to meet some of his coworkers, which is nice to get a face to go with the voices and names I hear. Afterwards we drove North to a little Texas town, Frederickburg. We spent the day walking up and down the historic town, going through shops and trying to find the perfect item for my dad to bring with him to New Hampshire. Unfortunately we didn't find anything, but we did find a perfect gift for Chris. It was a star - which was a hilarious present since he associates these giant starts with cults, as our drive to the beach the past few summers can vouch. But I think despite his being creeped out, he does enjoy having his very own. We also had the chance (awful awful) to try some Texas wine. Yes, Texas apparently makes wine. But they shouldn't. Never ever try it, ever. It was not a flavor I ever hope to taste again, heh. And before heading home, we stopped at the local soda shop to enjoy some homemade ice cream, which was delicious! We watched more movies that night, with a the worst BBQ in Texas for dinner - advertised as the worst, for a reason! It was sooooooooo delicious!

Before my flight home Sunday my dad had big plans. Since Obama, a democrat, was now president, he decided to take advantage of his right, and location, (before someone limits these rights) to buy some guns. So we took them to a local shooting range with 2 of his friends and I have to say that I'm a pretty good shot. Take that video games! I was really sad to leave my dad and come back home, but we really enjoyed our time playing in San Antonio. Our next visit will be, well here actually in VA. He will be stopping here on his drive to his new (temporary) apartment in NH for a break and a visit - and then my next visit will be back up to the North East. Finally my dad will be living in the same time zone as me!