Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cron job

For the past month or more, randomly throughout the day I receive an email from my friend Jason. Each email says about the same thing:

"A friendly reminder from bbbburns - Heather, you are awesome"
"Another friendly reminder from server - Heather, you are awesome. NC wants you to visit"
"Reminder from your favorite server - bbbbheather rocks! Just thought you should know"

And today I got a new message!

"You rock - make sure you don't forget how awesome you are"

Jason had written a cron job that randomly sends me an email with a fun message. I love how incredibly nerdy this is and am amazed at how something like this little program/email, can make me smile and add that little bit of sunshine to my day :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Saturday night, Jonna came over to get ready for the best 80s coverband ever - the Legwarmers!!! We spent the evening before finding the perfect outfit and accessories, (and enjoying a delicious dinner at Sette Bello) and were excited to put our outfits together. I do have to mention, yes my dress is entirely too big for me. It was a 7/8 (from the 80s so that means probably a 4/6 in todays standards) so you can tell that it obviously doesn't fit. BUT it was just too perfect not to get! We tried to pin it, but I busted the pin (I dance around a lot) and then lost the awesome giant flower hair clip/pin I had bought to go with it. Maybe in the cab or somewhere along the way. There was another dress that I loved, it was black and one shouldered with a giant PUFF of fabric and bow for the sleeve, and I think I need to go back to the consignment shop to purchase for another day, but I really loved and wanted the color of the teal polka dot dress. Earlier in the day before the concert, Jonna had braided her hair while wet so that when it dried, she would have instant crimped hair! And not only was it crimped, it was giant! Lots of mousse, and hairspray later, we then applied massive amounts of blue and teal eyeshadow appropriately to our eyebrows and dressed into our 80s garb. We were ready to face the modern world!

We hopped the metro, where I felt the need to take the sticker off Jonna's echo microphone, and ran into a guy who was also going to the concert. He seemed nice enough, and we offered to cab with him to the concert. It was a short cab ride, that he offered to pay for - excellent - free cab ride! We offered to buy him a beer should we see him inside. We met up with the group of Jonna's friends who were attending the concert for Laurie's 30th birthday celebration! Where almost the entire group was also completely dressed up. We danced, danced, danced, and sang for hours to the best 80s music. What made it even better, was having the echo microphones. How awesome it was to sing and play with them. Once the concert was over, it was wicked late and time to head back home. The entire metro ride Jonna and I sang and spoke into the microphones and probably annoyed anyone else who was on the train with us. The best part was getting off the metro, because not only did the microphone echo - but so did the tunnel! So we were extra loud and echo-y!

We greeted Evan at home, who was slightly cranky. It was too late to drag him to a bar, so instead we tried to entertain him, in 80s style. He was also distracted enough we tried to dress him up in some of our accessories, but sadly no one will ever know if that's true. We don't have any pictoral evidence. But it was really funny when he realized our ninja stealth accessorizing. We played with Balthazor a lot, which I was excited about because that meant he wouldn't wake me up at 5am (and seeing as how it was about 3am - only 2 hours of sleep is not enough!) And then I passed out in my giant hair and blue make up, my legs were sooo tired from dancing and jumping around, and it was awesome. That was the second time I've seen the Legwarmers, and it was just as much fun if not MORE than the first!! (probably only because this time I was dressed up appropriately!)

For more awesome 80s giant hair and rad pictures, click here!

Monday, April 13, 2009

have easter

Yesterday I started my day early, was up and showered and ready for church. Instead of the typical Easter sermon our minister preached about Rebellion. He figured since a lot of people typically only go to church for christmas and easter, he would mix things up a bit and give a sermon about something else. Of course we did recognize the holiday and its significance, just focused on a different topic. I thoroughly enjoyed the sermon, and found it empowering - if you're interested, ask me about it :)

Afterwards, Leigh and Nick hosted an Easter brunch at their apartment. Leigh made an egg casserole, sausages, blueberry pancakes, cranberry mini muffins, laid out a gorgeous arrangement of fruit - for us to enjoy. Beth brought mimosa's - which went perfectly! And Linds brought dessert - a yummy chocolate cake. We spent most of the afternoon chatting and enjoying the sunshine on their balcony. After brunch was over I went with Nick and Leigh to the dog park to enjoy the sun and watch Kara run around. The weather was absolutely perfect and amazing, I had a fantastic Easter and I'm so glad I was able to celebrate it with my friends <3

Friday, April 10, 2009


I have finally submitted my application for admission into George Mason University's Master's program - finally! I have to drop off my letters of recommendation early tomorrow morning, but otherwise everything has been submitted! So now I just have to wait and see if they accept me into the Applied History program. I'm very excited and nervous. I have wanted to study history for a very long time, and I can't wait to get started!

Although I have already been taking classes for a year, I applied as non-degree in order to hopefully increase my chances of being accepted, proving I can handle the course load and the program. So now it's the real deal! Please pray and wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

this weekend was not bullshit

Early Friday morning I boarded a plane and headed for my 4 day weekend in Florida! This trip, Brie was flying down from CT to join me for ridiculousness and trickery. My flight landed around 9:20am and Brie's came in around 10:50am. I played Legend of Zelda on my DS while I waited for her to arrive (and mom showed up to pick us up). Friday we drove up to Orlando to stay at the JW Marriot. The weather was initially questionable, as it was overcast and rainy, but luckily in Florida, rain never lasts long. My aunt Laura and uncle Dan had also flown down because they are on a week long cruise that left from Orlando, and decided to come down a day early so we could meet up and play! We spent the entire day doing nothing. We bought giant tubes and laid around in the lazy river the entire afternoon. Brie and I floated around in florescent tubes, enjoying the sunshine and not being at work.

Saturday morning we met up for breakfast with my family before Brie and I went to spend the day at Animal Kingdom. My aunt Trisha and my mom dropped us off at the park, and it all began! We mostly spent the day walking around, looking at the animals and exploring the trails. Most of the animal kingdom is about animals and nature (duh) and less about rides. Although, we did of course do the big rides. The Safari had mostly white rhinos, some hippos, giraffes, a lion that was incredibly sleepy, and other animals that were BS. The dinosaur park was kind of lame. Half of it felt like it was a carnie fair, and less impressive like the rest of animal kingdom. We did go on the Dinosaur ride, which was dark and scary, and I was very scared when attacked by the giant T-Rex. Brie however, was ready to fight him off. She's lucky I forgot the giant dino attacked from the right side, I don't know how I always get stuck sitting right next to it. We weren't able to find where we could dig up mammoth bones, but did try to run around the kid dinosaur playground. We decided it is most enjoyed if you're child size, and not only child like. There was a bird show that we also saw. The birds did fun tricks, and flew around the audience, not all of them were BS. The stupid woman was completely annoying and unnecessary to the show. Once it was time for the parade, we decided it was time to ride the Yeti roller coaster. We found lines were much shorter when people went to watch parades, and it seems Disney has become very parade happy, so we had multiple chances to take advantage of these times. I had never been on the Yeti coaster before, and it was unexpected, and a lot of fun! I still think I like the Dinosaur ride best. We ended our time at Animal Kingdom at the Bug's Life show - which is a 3D interactive movie with bugs. My aunt and mom picked us up and we headed over to Magic Kingdom for a few hours before it was time for dinner. We made a list of rides and shows we wanted to do at Magic Kingdom, and started at Fantasy Land. Since it was late in the day, some of the kids rides had less wait times. We rode Snow White, and It's a Small World, and saw Mickey's Philharmagic show.

The 4 of us got all clean and dressed up to head out for dinner at California Grill - which is a giant restaurant on top of the Carribean Beach hotel. We were able to see the Disney fireworks show from the balcony of the restaurant before dinner. We ate so much food and were so deliciously stuffed that I think we all fell asleep the moment we got back to the hotel. Not to mention being in the gorgeously hot Florida sunshine, made us all very sleepy.

Sunday we spent the entire day at Magic Kingdom - we had a giant list of rides to do and things to see! The shortest line of all time, The Swiss Family Robinson tree house - we walked through before exploring on Tom Sawyer's Island - going through really really dark caves and jumping on barrels and bridges. We had the fast pass for Thunder Mountain and were able to take the last two cars - I tried to take pictures throughout the ride, which proved to be difficult, but also humorous. Splash Mountain was temporarily broken, but by the time we were done playing on the Island, brer rabbit, brer bear and brer fox were ready to play! I had forgotten how much I loved that ride. My dad used to read all those Uncle Remus tales to me and my brother when we were little. And of course, the song gets stuck in your head. But not as bad as the SPECTRO magic lights show. Which we had stuck in our heads for the rest of the night, and Monday morning. We hopped over to Adventure land and were Pirates of the Carribean, but the Jungle cruise had a ridiculously long wait time, so we blew that ride off until later that night - while everyone else was watching the fireworks show, heh. Next we went to the Haunted Mansion, which is one of my favorites. I like the changes they've made/updated. Always fun to have a hitchhiking ghost follow you home. By this point we were tired and hot, and decided we needed a break. We had sometime before we could cash in on our Buzz Lightyear fast passes - so we rode the Carousel of Progress - one of the best rides ever. This ride is so incredibly outdated, it's awesome. My mom and aunt took a nap, while Brie and I mocked the progress of the past. Once it was over (aka refreshed from nap time) it was time to fight the evil Zorg! Trisha had the most points, which is total BS. Brie's gun wasn't working either - which was also BS. Since it was midday, a lot of the rides had really long lines and we knew we were going to stick around til about 11pm since our fast passes for Space Mountain wasn't until 1045pm - we decided to go shopping! We each found princess dresses to model, and bought some fun Disney items. Afterwards Brie and I waited in line, what should have been 30 minutes (total lie) to ride Dumbo! I don't think I've ridden Dumbo since I was a toddler - and although we probably went around 5 times and waited about an hour - it was totally worth it! We took another break to eat dinner before the SPECTRO magic lights parade and waited for the show. It was an impressive parade of lights, but it was BS that Snow White and Mary Poppins didn't get their own floats. I don't think they should have been made to walk behind others. It was significantly more impressive than the light shows I remember as a kid, and the music was just as Disney-tastic. Once that cleared it was time for the best ice cream sundae's ever! We chomped the deliciousness on our walk to the Jungle Cruise, where we explored the deep dark jungles around the world. And also, thanks to some random kid, I didn't miss anything. WHY - well because she stated absolutely everything she saw. "You don't scare me snake. Oh look tiger, you have green eyes. You're missing an arm!" And it went that way the entire boat ride. She also felt the need to argue with the castmember, who was our "tour guide". She was probably 8 or 9 years old. Despite her antics, I still love that Jungle Cruise ride. And finally it was time to ride Space Mountain - oh no wait - the ride has been closed. We literally just barely missed getting on the ride. Which was a huge dissapointment! We almost got to do everything we wanted! (minus also a few from Fantasy Land) I did however hula hoop instead, one had been left out from an earlier parade in the day. I can't believe how much walking, running, avoiding of people we did all weekend. A few times I decided to see how many children would just run/walk full force into me - and I'm sad to report there were many. Never hard enough to knock them down, but enough where it was kind of entertaining. Strollers however always won, and I avoided runinng into them. After Space Mountain was officially closed and the night was over, we drove to my mom's house in Tampa and fell fast asleep with dreams of SPECTRO magic. Check out more Disney pictures here!

We had to wake up a little early Monday to get packed up and head to the airport. Brie's flight left first around 11am, so Mom and I dropped her off around 945am. That meant we had just over 3 hours before my flight back to VA. Mom and I decided to head to the Tampa mall, do some shopping, and spend some quality time together (at a much slower pace, hehe) Yay for new clothes and shoes and also, a gorgeous Kate Spade bright orange wallet! I some how managed to pile these new things into my bag and hopped on my flight back home. The flight was uneventful - I did sit next to the same guy both flights. He was friendly AND let me watch movies on his laptop with him - free entertainments! Esp since I forgot my DS charger, and it had died. I'm still not into work mode yet (if you can tell) but I'll slowly get back into being home and doing responsible things, like homework. But for now, I think I'll just enjoy the pictures from the weekend :)