Friday, July 17, 2009

pottery returns

After a few weeks break, and a move from Union Station back to Eastern Market - Eastern Market Pottery was ready to open in the new studio for classes. Jonna and I carried our giant gray bins with really heavy clay on the metro and to the studio. It was very tiring and I managed to bruise my right arm, it was pretty uncomfortable, and it kind of made me look like a drug addict - classy. So it had been a few weeks since my last attempt and I was really out of practice and my throwing didn't go so well. The only thing I really managed to do was center my clay without much difficulty. Everything else, well I made a huge mess :) I know I'm still learning, and I'm not really frustrated. I was mostly tired that night and gave up shortly after 9pm. I think that we are going to sign up for another session so I will get more practice, but most importantly I'm having fun!

Other classmates have been more than willing to help me, which I really appreciate. What I'm mostly stuck with now is figuring out how to properly place my hands to create the movement and positions I need to make a decent pot (and not just these little random cup/bowl things). I have the basic idea down, I just need to feel it happen while I'm working on the wheel. Until then, I enjoy making a giant clay mess, and Jonna enjoys playing with the clay and marking my arms while I'm not paying attention. The metro ride home is always fun as we're covered in clay.

Monday, July 13, 2009

mark has bbq

Mark hosted a BBQ at his Dad's house in Potomac, MD. (Or his dad hosted and Mark took the credit!) This required me to drive up to MD and leave VA, again. I had never been to Potomac, MD and it was gorgeous. Very nice houses, and a lot of green! Sometimes I forget what suburbia is like. The weather was absolutely perfect and sunny - the pool was very warm and everyone spent most of the time swimming, playing, floating and splashing. Mark's pup Lance oddly doesn't like to swim, and would continually attempt to save us from the pool.

Mark's dad made beer can chicken on the BBQ, with corn, hot dogs, hamburgers, lo mein, etc - BBQ foods! Which was sooo delicious and eaten rather quickly by everyone. It's hard work sitting in the sun and swimming in a pool. I didn't stay too late as I had made plans to stop by Leigh's on my way home (to check out the decorations her and Colleen bought for Gwen's upcoming bachelorette party and chat!) but was given a giant cupcake! to take home with me. I shared the giant, delicious cupcake with Leigh and Nick. It was the most relaxing afternoon, and not a bad way to end a great weekend :D

Saturday, July 11, 2009

jonna is 25

Last Friday was Jonna's 25th birthday! After bugging her for a while, she finally decided that she wanted to go out bowling! Jill's birthday was yesterday, but celebrated on Friday, so in trying to see both my friends I went to the first part of Jill's celebration and the second part of Jonna's.

Brett threw Jill a pizza/ice skating party - but I only made it to the pizza part. Which may have been the best part, because pizza is delicious, as were the strawberries and cake! Afterwards I met Jonna, Michelle and Laurie at Kitty O'Sheas, where we waited for Leigh and Lizzy to arrive. Photo hunt and a creepy drunk guy later, we were on our way to Ft Myer. Leigh, Lizzy and I may have gotten a little confused in directions but finally made it on the base and to the bowling alley. It was very cheap - and pretty empty considering it was a Friday night. In total we bowled 3 games. After the second game Laurie had to leave, but Sarah arrived just in time to take her place. Some how I managed to kick and win every game! Considering the last time I bowled I don't think I got over 80, I was excited to bowl at my highest 148! I tried to take pictures and videos of us bowling and making our poses after tossing the ball down the lane, it's less cool because with the flash you lose the atmosphere but they're still decent pictures.

After bowling we decided to head to Carpool. Beers were had and shuffleboard was played. Everyone was pretty tired except for Jonna who got to sleep in until about noon :P I'm glad Jonna decided she wanted to go bowling, it had been about a year since I last went and it's easy to forget how much fun bowling can be!

More bowling pictures here!

Monday, July 6, 2009

veggies and csa

Still falling behind in our vegetable consumption, Jonna and I are working hard, finding and trying new recipes with all our fresh vegetables. Last week we combined our supply and made a type of pasta with our veggies. The pasta was flavored like various vegetables also - the only one I can remember is beets - but it didn't really taste like anything but standard pasta. While we boiled the pasta, during the last few minutes we added chopped chard and then drained the pasta. Once drained we added garbanzo beans and cheese. It was very cheesy and yummy. Not a bad last minute idea of fresh vegetables for dinner.

This past Monday we decided to cook a Turkey roast and also make squash casserole. The squash casserole was a recipe from my mom that I've seen her make many times, and is amazingly gooey and delicious. This was the first time I tried to make it myself, with the help of Jonna (of course!) Again we combined our squash, zucchini and hybrid squashes and cooked the rest of the ingredients. (Stuffing, carrots, yummy sour cream, cream of mushroom mixed sauce). Dinner was completely amazing, and there was so much squash casserole left over. I brought a bunch home to share, which Evan ate immediately. And I also was able to enjoy for lunch at work. Its been a lot of fun trying new recipes with all kinds of veggies. I'm excited that we have many more weeks to share!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

have fatty

After the many months of going to the gym, eating consistently and often - lots of yummy foods - I have finally gained weight! This past month I gained 10 lbs - to be exact !

I haven't weighed over 100 lbs since I first started reeling from the effects of Crohn's in summer of 2003. This is a huge deal for me - and I'm really excited! I'm hoping to continue to gain 5 - 10 more lbs within the next few months, but this is a huge step for me. I'm around 106lbs and fluctuating to 107-08, so I know more gain is possible. Also, I have a new GI doctor who has been really helpful and I'm really happy that the meds I'm on now seem to be helping a lot!

ps. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and helped me reach this initial goal! (Jonna - I love your cooking and I will always eat your foods!) <3