Monday, August 31, 2009

everything changes

I decided a few weeks ago it was time to make some changes. I've kept it quiet, and have been working diligently on a plan. Finally, it's time to reveal my plan! I have decided to go to school full time. This requires a lot of time, money, patience and many other things, and I should be done just over a year from now. I was approved for loans and signed up for 2 more classes, making it 3. Monday I approached my boss and informed him of my plan. I told him that I'd like to continue working part time if they'd have me, otherwise my last day would be September 11th. This morning I was told, part time was approved! Having that extra cash will be a huge help.

My schedule for most of the next year will be ridiculous. I'm excited, nervous and slightly overwhelmed. I can't believe I pulled it off! Please be patient with me while I figure out a schedule and way of life. Include me in anything and everything as I'll always be around and do my best to come out to play - all work and no fun makes for a dull me. And then I could also become Zuul, which would also be interesting and terrifying all at once. Thank you to the peoples who have supported me and helped me the past few weeks <3

I are full-time grad student :D

Friday, August 28, 2009

have sicky

I wasn't feeling the best the day after the winery visit. I figured it was due to my being outside in the rain and rested all day Sunday hoping it would pass. Susan and I watched, many many many movies and relaxed. Monday I still felt under the weather, but trudged on. Tuesday, my throat felt like it was on fire and by the evening my head had joined in the pain. I decided, while awake at 4am having yet to fall asleep thanks to my sore throat and congested ears that I wasn't going to work the next day. I thought, I can beat this! Just give me one day to rest. I rest, take drugs and attempt to nap and by 8pm Wednesday night, I had a fever of 100.7. This is a big deal because my normal temperature is lower than 98.6, typically I fall between 96 and 97. It might explain why I'm always cold, who knows. So I tell Zach to cover my early shift and make an appointment with the doctor. By the time morning rolls around, I now also have an infection in both my eyes. The doctor tells me, I have an ear infection, sinus infection, eye infection and I'm very contagious. But, my throat at least looked alright, even despite the continued pain. Antibiotics and some eye drops later, I watch a movie with Susan and nap. (It's a theme, me and Susan watching movies). I wake up about 3 hours later, and I can't see. WHY - oh because I'm allergic to the eye drops. I looked like I had been beat up and my eyes were incredibly swollen. I should have taken a picture, but I couldn't really see anything so I didn't want to move. Varun came to my rescue and stopped by with some Benadryl, and it took until Saturday afternoon before my eyes looked normal.

I'm finally feeling better. I'm about 90%. Not quite 100%, but definitely on the way. I hate antibiotics because they also irritate my crohns so it's a mess for my entire body for at least the next few weeks. Despite all that, I do feel pretty good though. I'm on the mend :) The only thing that really sucked, besides missing 3 days of work for nothing enjoyable at all, was I didn't get to enjoy my last week of freedom before class started. An abrupt end to summer fun.

Friday, August 21, 2009

have new roommate

After over a month of searching, I finally have found someone to replace Evan. It worked out well, since Evan had the bar exam late in July and I was in CT the beginning of August for my cousins wedding, we both weren't ready for any form of moving at the apartment. Susan is a law student (replacing one for another!). She transfered from Case Western in Ohio to George Washington. She had to move in by August 15th, from Ohio and through multiple emails back and forth we worked it all out and she moved in. We'd never met before which is a little nerve wracking, not to mention I haven't lived with another female in about 3 years, but I've been incredibly lucky!

Susan and I get along really well, and she even loves my demonic kitten. We've already watched multiple movies together and had chatting sessions and I couldn't be happier. Since the school year has started we've both been incredibly busy but I'm hoping everyone will get to meet Susan soon and like her as much as I do!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

little big planet

Little Big Planet is a video game available on PS3 that most people have played, or at least have heard of. It's filled with many levels and puzzles to solve, characters to transform and levels to create and publish. Soon Sony will be releasing a new edition called Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition. (This is an article about the details and release) It's always exciting to await a new game release, especially one as fun and entertaining as this game is. What's even more exciting, and brag worthy is what will be included in this edition.

Sony selected 18 fans from around the globe to create a level that will be published in the release of this game. One of those 18 fans happens to be my best friend Amy's husband, Mike Niggel. He had been working on a secret project for I think the first 5-6 months of this year, but Amy and Mike couldn't share the details. All we knew was that they were both very excited! Finally, finally they were able to tell about the project and Mike's contribution to Little Big Planet. Sony approached him because they liked the 2 levels he had created and shared on his own time. I'm proud and excited to brag about Mike and the level he created for the world to explore and play on a licensed product. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

have strasburg

News that I am excited about NATIONALS (click that)

The Nationals have successfully signed Stephen Strasburg for gobs of money for 4 years. Maybe there is a bright future for this pitcher and for the Nationals!! (Adam Dunn is still my favorite however - and he better stay on the Nats too)

"At 6-foot-4, 220 pounds, and with a fastball that can reach 100 mph, Strasburg is projected to be precisely the sort of ace the Nationals have lacked since moving from Montreal to the nation's capital before the 2005 season.

He went 13-1 last season, leading Division I pitchers in ERA (1.35) and strikeouts (195 in 109 innings), and won the Golden Spikes award for the top U.S. amateur baseball player."

Strasburg, tip your hat!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

have brother

My dad sent me an email this morning titled Mr Useful. It had an attached picture, which I downloaded and saw this.

Apparently my brother had gone to Boston and partied hard with his bestest Everett all weekend. He came home just in time to help my dad with more repairs on the house.. or have nap in the middle of construction. That works too.

Love you dear brother!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

claire update

Great news! Claire's tests all came back wonderfully :) She is healthy and we are all very happy! Thank you for your prayers <3

Thursday, August 13, 2009

prayer request

Last week one of my bestest friends, Amy, had to take her tiny little daughter to the hospital for a high fever. Unfortunately they had to admit Claire and she was there from late Sunday to Wednesday. She has been doing much better since then but has to return tomorrow for a few more blood tests to make sure she is on track and healthy. Please keep Claire in your prayers (she is my favorite little niece!!) <3

Friday, August 7, 2009

return to pottery

I took a two week hiatus from pottery, mostly due to life! I had a few people stop by to see the apartment one week and then the week after I was in CT for the wedding. The week and Saturday session preceeding I was having a bit of a difficult time throwing and manipulating the clay. My hands weren't doing what I wanted them to do, and everything was falling apart. I tried to watch others and figure out the techniques I was missing. I was a little frustrated, but still determined to practice and have fun!

The last session of pottery finally turned around for me! There are a few new students in our class, and this new lady (can't remember her name) was watching me and suggested I try using a different tool for pulling. I was trying to make some sort of planter, but it was too thick and the outside was ribbed and uneven. I don't like using my fingers to pull because it ends up being very uneven, and I usually make one part too thin and it falls apart in a gooey clay mess! I've been trying to use a little sponge with my fingers to pull instead, which was working a little better. It was still ribbed and uneven, but it was starting to look a little more like I was envisioning. So the lady was watching me and suggested I try using this flat silver thin metal to pull. I immediately liked using this way better, and I was able to successfully throw 2 pots! One I hope will be a planter, and the other is a plate. A plate that looks like a frisbee! I'm very very excited for the plate, and I hope it turns out ok.

Everyone was teasing me and asking where these sudden skills came from - I have no idea - but I hope I continue to improve! I will probably be trimming a lot tonight and not throwing anything new, but I'm excited!

Monday, August 3, 2009

rob and mary's wedding

After 2 years of preparations, it was finally time for Rob and Mary's wedding! I left VA Wednesday after work, with the idea that I would arrive a few days early to help everyone get settled and maybe help keep my aunt and Mary calm. The few weeks before, Mary had gotten sick with pnemonia - and it was very important that she rest and not do anything. I'm glad I decided to fly up early! The weather for my flight to CT wasn't cooperative and I ended up arriving about 3 hours later than I was supposed to, but at least I'd finally made it.

On Thursday I helped my aunt run some last minute errands for Mary and got to visit with my cousins and grandma. It was also the day that more people from our family were arriving. My aunt trisha was flying in from a work trip in Arizona, while my mom flew in from Tampa with Roger and the bratty kids. No huge delays, lucky for them. After a few naps we decided to head to WestFarms for some last minute shopping. Grandma took mom to stay at the hotel, so that left me and Laura home with the boys.

Friday meant one more day until the wedding! My cousin Paul flew in from FSU and my brother drove down from Portsmouth, NH. They were the last two to arrive, and our family reunion was complete. The weather Friday was miserable. It poured all day, intense thunderstorms with tornado warnings and the temperature was in the low 60s. At least it wasn't the day of! We spent the day getting ready for company and the rehearsal dinner. Rob had bought large glasses and a case of beer for each groomsman, and we packed each up to bring. All the boys picked up their tuxs and everyone was ready for the night to begin. The wedding rehearsal was standard, only difficulty was the 18 member bridal party - not including the 2 flower girls, 1 junior bridesmaid and of course the bride and groom. It was amazing we managed to fit everyone by the altar. Dinner was at Oasis - a pizza place in Bristol. We had unlimited pizza, beer and wine, and I think we ate about that much. After the rehearsal, Mary went home and we took Rob out for $2 beers. It was all the groomsman, and me! (The benefit of being the only female cousin for 17 years) We didn't stay out too late, Rob didn't want to be hungover or tired. Once home the boys played video games, Joe tried to talk Rob out of getting married, Brother, Paul and Bang played Risk and watched Step Brothers while I slept on the couch. I didn't hear them and managed to sleep for at least a few hours, but they did play the "Sweet Child Of Mine" scene at least a dozen times before I woke up and asked them to make the singing stop!

It is time! Laura and I had to wake up early, being girls this means we had a lot of preparations before the wedding. First we had pedicure appointments with Jen and Christine. While we were off getting pampered, Uncle Dan made a giant breakfast, which I enjoyed afterrwards with my manicured toes. Then we headed to WestFarms to meet up with my mom and get our makeup done at Mac. They did a really great job, and it was fun to get pampered even more. Laura and I headed back to Bristol to finish getting ready and head over to the hotel. Rachel styled my hair, and it was perfect! I received many compliments, and I couldn't be more proud of my cousin. I told everyone that she had done it for me, and they were all impressed. After packing a bag, and snacks, Rachie and I headed over to the hotel to check in and start getting ready. It was a lot of work keeping the boys in one room (214!!) and keeping Mary in hers (226). I spent most of my time with the boys, I helped them with their tuxs and ties and afterwards pinned on the boutineers. Mary had her sisters and family, and I knew my cousins, and the other boys, needed my help more! Once they were finally settled and ready, they hopped on the shuttle from the hotel to the Aqua Turf. Shortly after the limo bus for the bridal party was supposed to arrive, but it never did. Once the shuttle arrived we kicked everyone off and jumped on to head to the chapel. Luckily we had a giant bottle of champagne for the ride. The wedding started a little bit later than it was supposed to, due to the arrival delay. We had to wait for the shuttle to return with the remaining guests we kicked off the shuttle so that we could be almost on time for the ceremony. Finally, everyone was there and ready for the bride! We all lined up and walked down the aisle to Somewhere Over the Rainbow (not the Judy Garland version, the acoustic version) and then Mary walked down with her father to Canon in D. After the cermony there were many pictures taken and then we were allowed into the reception. The food was actually pretty good, and the open bar even better. Once the dancing started it didn't stop until it was time to leave. We even had a giant group on the dance floor perform thriller. Brother and I ended up running into the other wedding that happened just before Rob and Mary's, and it happened to be a childhood friend of mine, Bruno! We chatted with him and his brother, which was very random, and fun. The after party was held in room 214 - except it didn't last long because people complained about the loud noise. We moved the party to - the hotel lobby! (not even kidding) and that lasted until about 4am.

Everyone was pretty tired the next morning, but happy. We all drove back to my Aunt Laura's house, where we made a giant vat of pasta with meatballs and yummy bread. My flight home was supposed to leave at 5pm but was delayed until after 7pm so I was able to spend some more time with my family before we left. We watched The Haunting in Connecticut (only appropriate) and played Phase 10! I managed to bring my bouquet home with me, and everyone loved the flowers (and the flower in my hair!). One of the flight attendents took pictures of my flowers she thought they were so beautiful. I finalllly made it home before 11pm and absolutely crashed. I love being with my family :)

For more wedding pictures click here!