Monday, September 28, 2009

zach and lynn's wedding

I was very excited to be invited by my coworker Zach to his wedding. It was fun to get the grooms perspective as he and Lynn made plans for their wedding day. He would share stories with me, and all the exciting planning and joys that come along with it.

His wedding was the very first morning wedding I have ever been to. I can't even imagine what time Lynn had to wake up to get ready for the day, as the ceremony started at 10:30am. And not only that, full Catholic mass. Zach and Lynn are very, very lucky that I like them a lot.

The church they chose to be married in was historical and built during late 18th Century in Forest Glen, MD. It had amazing stone structure and stained glass windows. The ceremony was very beautiful, but not as beautiful as Lynn. She had a very classic dress and a cathedral style veil. I have never seen a veil like hers, and it was gorgeous. They were both wearing gigantic smiles as they exchanged vows and wedding rings.

The reception was just across the street from the church, which made for a very easy commute. I enjoyed delicious foods and company. Also, Lynn had prepared a slide show of pictures of Zach and Lynn as kids and then pictures of them together, which was very sweet. I only stayed until 3pm where I unfortunately had to leave to do homework. But the wedding was a lot of fun, and I'm selfishly excited that he will be back at work on Monday :)

To see more pictures from Mr and Mrs Topel's wedding, click here!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

have IT superhero

Jason decided to take a road trip home to his dad's in the Buffalo, NY region. Which is awesome for me because I'm en route! And now that I work part time, I was available to have lunch with Jason on his way up to Buffalo and dinner with him on his way back down to Durham.

On Wednesday September 16th, Jason showed up around 1:30pm and I decided that we were going to Earl's for lunch. Earl's is THE best place for sandwiches and I hadn't been in a long time. I had my usual, The Louie - which is fresh roasted turkey with lettuce, tomato, and a pesto mayo sauce, slightly grilled and delicious, with a side of fries. Jason had the bbq pork sandwich, which I've never had, because I always get the same thing. I know other people have had it, my brother who inhaled it in I think 3 bites, and loved it. The weather was mild and sunny so we ate outside and chatted. I hadn't seen him since my trip in May, so I was very excited to get some quality time! Once we were finished Jason went on his way, and I headed to campus for homeworks and class (less fun).

And then, on Tuesday September 22nd, Jason showed up around 5:30pm and I was in the process of cooking a delicious dinner for us to enjoy. I made a pork tenderloin that had been marinaded in balsamic vinegar and some herbies of choice, broccoli and garlic pasta shells. It was delicious! We also enjoyed home made brownies (amy's recipe) and I sent Jason on his way home with some freshly made banana bread. Yay for visits, even if they're short, I'll take seeing my friend and getting hugs any day I can!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

weight +15

So since June I have gained about 15 lbs. This. Is. Awesome!!!

Since apparently my weight has decided to continue to increase (lately I've been +16/17), I've had to adjust my work out routine to include running - which I HATE. So, I'm thinking maybe instead I will try the elliptical or biking. Besides, I've been told running is bad for females anyway. (and boring)

Also, since gaining weight, besides finding that my clothes now fit me significantly better than ever before, I've been feeling really good! My crohn's has been behaving, and I've been doing really well on my medication. Its been about 2-3 weeks since I've had ANY pain or significant problems (knock on wood). Oh and amazing, I just realized!! I didn't see my doctor AT ALL the entire month of September! This is the first month in over a year I haven't had to see my doctor. This makes me incredibly happy :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

peanut turns two

James is now 2 years old. I can't believe that he's already a terrible-two! Amy tells me stories every day about how smart and cute he is. He's recently become incredibly talkative too, using real words and constructing sentences. At his 2 year doctor appointment the doctor said he is very advanced for his age - what a smartie pants! I wish that I could be in VT to celebrate his birthday with them. He requested an Elmo cake for his birthday, so Amy created a giant Elmo head complete with red red frosting - I bet it was delicious!

My favorite James story that Amy told me, is how James knows that his mommy talks to me on the computer. And so he gives the laptop hugs, as hugs for Aunt Heather :) I miss the peanut and the entire Niggel family <3

(it was also my dad's birthday - happy birthday dadds!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

evan is lolephant

Since Evan didn't start work until late September, he decided to take advantage of this free time and visit Noreen in Germany. He had a great time, but more importantly, he drank - a lot. I had just gotten home from class and popped onto facebook and I see Evan has posted a status update. Well, Evan doesn't post status updates, but not only that, it said something ridiculous. It said something like : "Evan >>>>>>>>>> Noreen." And something about how she was going to be mad in 180 minutes. So I asked him, what did he do? And he responds via gchat. And this was our conversation - enjoy!!

ps. lolephant is what Evan becomes when he is very drunk: loud, obnoxious, messy, hungry, hilarious! (and I realize this might only be funny to people who know the back story - but it made my night!)

Evan: i didn't do anything i just iz drunk
me: hahaha
Evan: yep
it took great concentration to read that word
me: what did you have
you are typing very well
Evan: many things
nothing else to do but make sure i spell correctly
me: well stop that
Evan: wouldn't want her thinking she got pwned that badly
me: less fun
is she passed out?
i dont understand!
Evan: 'member that night that i got woke up, but i knew they were coming for me
me: yes
are you en route?
it IS rather late there (note in Germany it was about 4:30AM)
Sent at 10:36 PM on Thursday
Evan: REVENGE (it would be more dramatic but i can't find the damn font options)
Sent at 10:37 PM on Thursday
me: * *
Evan: r
me: hahaha i cant wait
Evan: ugh
me: make sure youre LOUD
long trip?
Evan: nope
justt drunk and not tired
me: get LOUD
Evan: trust me already did
brought an extra person to do that job
me: ahahaha
new friend?
Evan: kinda
how was wedding
me: it was good
wedding. you know
cake, drinks, dancing
Evan: oooh and part time or no job
me: part time!
starting monday
Evan: golf clap
me: haha thanks evan esq
seriously, nice job with the typing
Evan: win <----
Sent at 10:43 PM on Thursday
me: you will have all sorts of win tonight
Evan: nope
in bed
as we speak
l(slightly over the line)
me: youre in bed ?
Evan: yep
me: what happened to revenge
Evan: done
me: lol that was fast
Evan: oh it happened before i started talking about it
me: ohhhh
is it time to pass out? or do you need pasta to spill on yourself
Sent at 10:47 PM on Thursday
Evan: if only both could happen. oh wait her fridge is in my room
me: ooOoo
Evan: more pwn
me: hahaha
Evan: yuck i hate that word
me: it's true tho
Evan: simple and effective
me: omnomnom
Evan: that is the problem
first i give you this link
(pause for link searching)
me: hahaha
only send it once
is it the one in your status?
Evan: nope
though that is awesome
and the email bacf/forth is with real people
me: oh it is gone
Evan: back*
me: give it back
Sent at 10:52 PM on Thursday
me: hah
free bird.
Evan: '?
me: the first link
Evan: ahahaha
Sent at 10:55 PM on Thursday
Evan: amber >>>> me
Sent at 10:56 PM on Thursday
me: lol you are mad
give me your cats
you are amber?
Evan: no
me: i dont understnad the >>>>
Evan: motr *awesomer
get it?
me: amber is more awesomer than you
Evan: yep
me: who is amber
Evan: no idea
me: evil CATS
then why did you say she is more awesomer
Evan: look at may 30
copy/pasate not working
me: to help you with noreen?
Evan: ?
no this is just comedy
me: im so confused
stop it
that email is awesome
Evan: keep reading th echain
until you get--at least--to 10:30 may 30
damned cntl-c/v not working
10:28 to be exact
me: OH
Evan: and 10:28 is just the beginning
great website
offshoot of failblog
Sent at 11:06 PM on Thursday
Evan: annnd sleep
me: lol gnite
Sent at 11:08 PM on Thursday

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A few weeks ago, before I was sick and before school started and stole every second of my free time.. Jonna and I baked stuffed tomatoes!! We had been getting tons of tomatoes each week from our CSA and decided to try some new recipes. And of course, we are running behind on the veggies and have mountains of them in the fridge. Jonna also made homemade tomato soup, and not being a fan of tomato soup I have to say, it was really really good. So now, the only time I will eat tomato soup is if Jonna makes it!

For the stuffed tomatoes, we used ground chicken, rice, pieces of the tomato we hallowed out, peas, onion and garlic as the stuffing. And on top of the tomatoes we put breadcrumbs, olive oil and cheese. It was deliciously amazing!! I'm having a lot of fun trying new recipes, they have all been incredibly delicious.