Thursday, October 29, 2009

no more monkeys

When I'm doing research, I make an organized mess. I was on my bed with laptop, and at least 4 or 5 books open with notes and papers strewn about. Yang was stopping by to pick up his jacket and he knocked on the door. Now instead of moving things aside, or calmly walking around my bed I decide instead it's a good idea to stand up and jump off my bed, over my books and things, to answer the door. It seemed like a good idea until upon landing I slammed my hand into my nightstand. (To which my brother asked me - why were your arms moving? Apparently when I jump, I still move my arms like I did back in cheerleading. It's the only explanation I have for why I would need to swing my arms up and then down) So now I'm in great pain, fingers swell up and bruise immediately and I have to let Yang in, and ask him to give me a minute while I writhe in pain. Frozen spinach and Ibu later, I'm no longer doing research as I can't write or turn pages with my right hand. I didn't break anything (other than my nails) luckily, but they were sore for a good 4 days.

You'd think I had learned my lesson about jumping off my bed. A few years ago I was on the phone and jumped off my bed but when I landed I rolled my ankle and watched myself fall in my full length mirror, and sprained my foot. (At first I laughed really hard because seriously, watching yourself fall is hilarious, and then came the pain/swelling/bruising) But nope, here I am years later still jumping off my bed. It seems that I have a greater success rate though!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

have field trip

I didn't know that in Grad school, it was still possible to have field trips! For my Museum Studies class, we were lucky enough to get after hours access to the Udvar-Hazy Center in Dulles, VA. Basically it's an extension of the National Air and Space Museum on the mall. It's large enough to hold thousands of aviation and space artifacts that are too large to be exhibited in the city.

We were discussing the Enola Gay and the controversy around the plane and an exhibition that failed and was inevitably canceled in 1994. For those of you that don't know, this B-29 was used to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The curator wanted to focus on various aspects surrounding the war, the plane and the atomic bomb at the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII. The AFA and Veterans were not pleased with the planned exhibit and since they couldn't come to a compromise, it was canceled and a simplistic display was featured in the Air and Space Museum for a few months before the plane was finally transfered to the Udvar-Hazy Center.

We were able to walk around the Center and see various planes, and were given a private tour by Tom Crouch, who was a part of the original controversy surrounding the Enola Gay. We were given a first hand account of the events surrounding the exhibition and the history surrounding the plane. I felt like a little kid on a class field trip, and most of the class were running around. I took a few pictures and the trip was fun, but overall disappointing. It's really disappointing to see how the Enola Gay has been limited to be featured as only a B-29 and not for the role its had to ending the war. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to get a different class experience.

For more pictures, click here!

Friday, October 2, 2009


A few weeks ago I came home from my Thursday class and Jason sent me link for a show that he had just watched, and couldn't help but tell me all about one of the main characters. He has a crush on the red head, I clicked the link and heard it running in the background but didn't pay much attention to it. Until, I heard music. Starting the link over again I fell IN LOVE with this show, Glee.

Of course I have class when the show is on, so as soon as I get home from work Wednesdays I pull up hulu and watch the latest episode. I also like that Amy and I get to watch it together, even though she's in VT and I'm here in VA. I highly recommend this show, the music is amazing and exciting. (I definitely have a crush on the male lead, Finn) I think when it comes to music, it takes a lot of passion to perform and I completely melt!

Many of their songs you can download on iTunes, but also can find on youtube. Seriously, what can't you find on youtube. Here are some of my favorite songs!