Friday, January 29, 2010

long distance movie night #2

Nora, Amy and I decided to have another long distance movie night! Nora picked the movie, Mamma Mia. Amy and I had both seen it before when I went up to VT early February last year, but both wanted to watch it again with Nora. We decided to watch it with lyrics so we could also sing along. I love these nights because I get a break from school and also time with my bestests. Not sure when the next movie night will be, but it's Amy's turn to pick out a movie!!

This is my favorite song from the movie :) Enjoy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Jonna invited me over Friday evening to help make dinner and to also keep company while I do homework. She's pretty awesome for letting me hang around and do work, I'm not very entertaining with my nose stuck in a book.

First I made a giant cup (more like a bowl) of delicious tea. We decided to make a pork tenderloin, coated in bread crumbs and chopped almonds. This was the first time she was able to use her new gorgeous food processor. There was also home made applesauce, garbanzo bean salad and couscous. Laurie came over also, with her pup. Dinner was amazing (of course because Jonna was cooking it, I only help a little heh) and the night was relaxing. My free nights conflict with Jonna's free nights, so it's going to be a little difficult trying to find time to make dinner but I'm sure we'll find a way! And I really should start to take pictures of the food we make again, so delicious :P

Thursday, January 21, 2010

maps show you where to go

So Brie and her friend Eric decided they were going on a trip. Brie says to me, "you should come!" and just like that (well, in my mind anyway. Deciding to go on this trip took a lot more planning and approval) I bought my ticket and will be headed to Barcelona and Morocco February 11th - 21st!!

Brie and Eric have done most of the planning, which I am incredibly grateful for. I am going to miss a week of class, but have been doing homework double-time to make up for the time I will be away. We will be staying at hostels and traveling all around, and taking lots and lots of pictures. There will be 5 of us total.

This is a brief rundown of the itinerary:

2/11 : Fly to Barcelona

2/12: Barcelona

2/13: Barcelona

2/14: Night in Marrakech: Equity Point

2/15: Marrakech

2/16: Spend the day in Meknes

2/17: Depart via train 7:15 to Fés, night in Fés

2/18: Fés

2/19: Depart via train 6:50, arrive Tangiers, night in Tangiers: Riad Dar Jameel

2/20: Tangiers, depart via overnight train, arrive Marrakech

2/21: Home!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

skool starts

And so begins full time semester number two. It's taking me longer than usual to get into "school" mode, but hopefully I will find excitement and focus, and soon!

I'm excited because I have classes with a few of my friends from last semester, which makes going to class more bearable. It also means a little help and extra notes. I'll be difficult to track down and make plans with again, but please don't give up! If I get enough advanced notice, I can plan out my schedule to enjoy some time off. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

master spy

Despite not feeling well Monday, I forced myself up and out of bed and went with Jonna and Lindsay to the Spy Museum. I had been a few years ago, but it was both their first times. It was pretty empty considering it was a holiday, so we definitely lucked out. Since taking my museum studies class, I tend to look at museums a bit differently now. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing, but Lindsay and Jonna thought what I had to say and share was interesting, so I'll go with good. There were a lot of neat spy tools and information. It's pretty scary thinking that gadgets and people like this exist. For a while I think it made me feel paranoid, but we played like we were spies and I think that's the point. To be master spies for a day!

The most interesting part was probably the information from the Cold War. Everything was about being a spy to society, so it was found everywhere; movies, tv, consumer goods, toys, etc. I wonder if that made it easier or more difficult to do their job since the idea was so public. It was also fun to decipher messages, I like the hands on exhibits best. Jonna and I also had to identify who was dressed up as a secret spy! It only took us 2 tries to get the right person.

Living near DC I really should get out to the museums more often. I need to do it instead of just say it.. who's with me? Any interest in exploring the local museums and monuments? Free and fun for rainy days :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

dinnars with jonna

Before I had class 3 times a week, and much more free time, Jonna and I used to cook dinner together. Mostly, Jonna cooks and she instructs me, and then we eat! We decided to try making dinners together more often, even despite my class schedule. It was easier this week because class hadn't started yet! We made chicken breasts stuffed with a cream cheese and pesto mix (she made little pockets in the chicken, which we found incredibly funny for some reason. It was like a boob job for a chicken!), acorn squash with butter and real vermont maple syrup, garbonzo bean salad and homemade applesauce (made by Jonna's mom). We also watched Harry Potter and relaxed. I was incredibly stuffed!

For Christmas I had gotten this neat Hot Chocolate Cakes in a mug for Jonna. We decided to bake them that night too! They were tiny and quick to make. There were also little marshmallows to put on top, but we successfully burnt them. They tasted nasty anyway, really nasty, so it was probably for the best. The cake however was hot chocolaty and delicious. We added whipped cream and cream cheese frosting for additional delicious fun :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

long distance girls night

For Christmas this year I got Nora and Amy the exact same present. Yes, I know. Unoriginal, maybe. Since we are many miles apart and only get to see each other 1-2 times a year (although recently we've been a lot better - moved up to 2-3 times this past year!) I decided to get them both webcams. This way, I can see my best friends more often, and I can see their growing families.

Having these webcams, we decided to set up a long distance girls night. I picked the movie Stardust, and we arranged to install and setup Skype for our first movie night on Tuesday. Amy and I set up our cameras and I got to see Miss Claire try to eat the camera. Since Nora had to fly back from Schenectady, she didn't have enough room to pack the camera, but she did have a microphone. So we set up a chat and watched Stardust. It was a lot of fun! We got to chat and watch a movie and have a girls night, and it was amazing. We decided on our next girls night for Jan 28th and Nora picked the movie Mamma Mia. I think my Christmas present was a hit! And I'm really excited that we're actually using them :)