Thursday, April 29, 2010

i want a dragon

A much deserved break was in order and Billy and I went to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D on IMAX!

Highly recommended movie, esp in 3D. The main character Hiccup reminded me a lot my of cousin Connor. (He's such a nerd - love you Con!)

Of course there are amazing flight sequences that you know eventually will be implemented as a ride at some theme park, but the movie is entirely thrilling and exciting.

And now, I want my very own dragon to fly around on. I could be this chick, yaaah :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

bridal expo

My classmate and friend Stacey recently became engaged (congrats Stacey!) and asked that Tywanna and I join her at a bridal expo that was being hosted on campus at the Patriot Center. The wedding will be next summer and in Texas, so she was mostly curious and wanted to go to look around for ideas. Unfortunately Tywanna wasn't able to join us, but Stacey and I went anyway. She had scored 2 free tickets, which rocked even more!

We were only there about an hour, checking out booths and tasting cakes. She didn't want to look at or try on any dresses since she has a lot of time to browse and think about what she'd like. It wasn't as packed as I thought it was going to be, or filled with any crazy brides. I wasn't expecting many men to be there, but there were a bunch. We had a lot of fun walking around and checking out bridal details. I really liked looking at the different invitation designs, and the photographs, but mostly enjoyed eating the cakes. There are some pretty good bakers in the DC area. Hopefully it didn't stress Stacey out more. Luckily, she has a lot of time to get things settled and soon will be back home in Texas for a bit with her bridal party and fiance where she can get more accomplished. Not bad for a first bridal expo experience, we had fun and got some delicious treats out of it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

have car

I finally, finally was able to pick up my car today. Of course the day I could, it was raining. And not just a little raining, a lot of raining. So that made the drive less enjoyable and more frustrating. I have to get used to the new clutch and am a bit more cautious and paranoid now. Hopefully soon I'll get comfortable with my car again. Happy to have my car back though. Free to go where I like :) Yay for happy me and happy car!!