Sunday, February 27, 2011

where the wine flows like water

In the Crystal City mall there was a wine race! Jonna signed up for the 3pm wine race heat and instructed others to do the same. Lindsay, Michelle, Kristen, Jonna, and I met up at the mall and signed in. We even had running bibs to wear, which was a little over the top. Jonna, Kristen, and I started the race out with delicious ice cream from Coldstone. Once Lindsay and Michelle arrived, the race began.

First we had to pick up our special wine tasting glasses and tickets. There were 20 tickets, which amounted to 20 oz of wine. At first we all thought that 20 tickets was too few. By the end of the race however, we realized it was more than enough! There were multiple stops throughout the mall that had numerous red and white wine for tasting. Jonna and Kristen kept track of the wine we liked and didn't like. Along the way we met some interesting people, which only added to the experience. One of which was a woman with very snazzy (read: terrible) white fur boots! We snuck in a picture of me with her, very spy like, so everyone could see her glorious boots. The final "finish line" was in a giant room that had at least 15 different wines available for tasting. There were also snacks and treats, which we really wished were spread more throughout the entire race. Luckily I had stolen some packets of oyster crackers from Hard Times the weekend before and stashed them in my purse. My snack saved the day! But, we could've used some food earlier on, heh. By this point we'd all had plenty of wine. There were so many people congregated in the last room, and the room had cement floors and was missing ceiling tiles (classy right?), that the noise and echoing got to be overwhelming. We decided we had successfully won the wine race, and it was time to move on!

Michelle, Lindsay, Jonna, and I went to Me Jana for some delicious dinner. We had a full day of drinking and it was exhausting! We got a few tapas plates to share and relaxed before we decided to head to the Kitty to play naked photo hunt! and continue the night. Brother decided to join the fun too! Unfortunately, naked photo hunt wasn't working so we had to play regular photo hunt, which really isn't nearly as much fun. We ended the night at Eleventh with a dance party.

I posted a few more pictures from the day in my gallery.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

professional guest

Tywanna invited me over Friday afternoon for some quality productivity time. She's still working on getting her Masters and I'm working on finishing my book for my history book club next week, we decided to get some work accomplished in good company. However, it was Friday afternoon and gorgeous outside, we may have gotten sidetracked.

I had to run various errands before heading to Tywanna's and picked up the few things I needed to make baked pears (Amy's recipe) and found that roses were incredibly cheap, thanks to the passing of Valentine's day. Since I've lately been reading books written during the late 1800s (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre) I thought it would be fun to get some roses for us to enjoy and picked out white roses with bright pink tips, very romantical and classic. What was even more silly was that Tywanna was dressed up in a long flowy dress and top that mimicked the style of the women in these classic books. We decided to carry on our theme and watch romantic period movies while crafting.

We spent the night chatting away until we were falling asleep. I spent the night in the spare room so that Saturday morning we could wake up and continue our fun. We took a trip to Jo-Ann fabric to get more thread and fabric for Tywanna's latest sewing project and met Jeff for lunch in Clarendon. Since we had spent lots of time playing, it was time for work to be done. I left them to be productive and I headed home.

Later that night I had plans to hang out with Sherri and Spencer and see their new house in Falls Church. We enjoyed delicious wine (and potentially skunky beer) and spent hours playing with the Kinect! Their kitchen is my favorite part of the house, it's old fashioned. They were able to get their landlord to replace the floor tiling and fix a few other things before moving in. Second favorite thing is the mini kitty door they have set up in the window for Meph, he can come and go as he pleases! I had a very busy few days playing professional caller. Tywanna suggested I invest in some calling cards to leave with my friends. But in this day and age, I think a text message or email will work just as well.

Friday, February 11, 2011

jonna marissa creation

For the past few years Jonna has been crafting clay and making various bowls, cups, mugs, pitchers, jewelry and more!! I am a walking advertisement to her work as I often wear a beautiful pendant she made and gave me for my birthday. I also have numerous bowls, earring holders, and even a colander that she made that I use frequently. She has recently started advertising and selling her amazing work online. Please feel free to browse, share, and buy her creative pieces. Jonna also takes requests, so feel free to let me know or send her an email!

View her talents at Jonna Marissa Creation and purchase your own unique piece!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

guillotine at ihop

After spending the afternoon at Pentagon City with Tywanna I metroed back to Dunn Loring to get picked up by brother and Varun and head to iHop for dinner. Why would we go to iHop? For the unlimited pancakes of course! (except that I had waffles with bananas, whipped cream, eggs, sausage, and hot chocolate, yum) That and I was bribed with games. We ordered Aquarius and Guillotine, which promptly arrived in the mail. They have yet to play Aquarius however, but we did enjoy 3 rounds of chopping off the heads of nobles while enjoying a delicious breakfast for dinner. Half the fun was trying to keep the cards clean and unsticky, which I believe was a great success. I have never ever lost so many rounds of Guillotine, it was terrible! But I did enjoy ruining the game for them by taking away nobles and ensuring negative points. Best game ever!

Monday, February 7, 2011

brother is the new 25

Jonna arranged an honorary new years celebration on Saturday, which also happened to be the night before brothers big birthday. I put on my sassy shoes and dragged Stephanie into Arlington with me to meet up with people at Jonna's before venturing to Steve's bar. I convinced brother and Varun to join us after their murder mystery dinner in Dupont. As soon as I walked into the bar I saw Danny Grimes!! I haven't seen Danny for 2-ish years and it was sooooooo happy to see him. We enjoyed drinks and I made him dance with me, for old times sake.

After a few drinks (and birthday shots) we meandered over to Cafe Citron where with the secret password - we crashed a private party for someones birthday. I didn't like the music nearly as much as at Steve's bar, but continued to rock out. Once the lights flickered it was time to head home. Which, was a very very long journey. Also, riding the metro drunk is a terrrrrrrrible idea. I can't wait to move back into civilization.

Sunday was brother's birthday and the celebration continued. I remembered why I don't typically drink, dropped Stephanie off at her car, and managed to make it over to Varun's for birthday brunch on time. Varun made a "white sauce" with eggs and mustard that is slathered all over bread. It was, interesting. Which is why I made and brought over Cinnabons!! and oranges. Jonna brought over Guillotine which is the best card game that we played for hooouurs. Jonna and I won numerous games, brother and Varun were not so lucky. We spent the rest of the day eating and I napped, often. I love that brother lives here in DC now and that I can spend and celebrate his birthday with him :) Happy 25th birthday dear brother!

More pictures in my gallery of brothers celebration!