Monday, May 30, 2011

moving by the power of dadds

Since Jonna had convinced her dad to help her move into our new house, I decided to try to convince my dad to help me move too! Luckily we were able to come to an agreement; he helps me move if brother and I help him move and unpack at his new house in New Jersey at the end of June. This is a fair deal, and we agreed!

I decided to move into the house on Saturday of memorial weekend and Jonna would move in on Sunday. It's a really good thing I changed the day I moved in because if we were both moving in at the same time it would have been ridiculous chaos! Instead it was organized chaos :) (and brother wasn't able to help on Sunday, more man power is better) Since we were showing the house to a few potential roommates that day, Varun was nice enough to pick up the UHaul for me and meet up with dad and brother at my old apartment to pack up all my things into the truck. They managed to pack everything into the truck in less than an hour. I think I did a pretty well packing and organizing! They just as quickly unloaded my stuff into the house. We spent the rest of the day moving stuff around, unpacking, and getting settled.

Sunday, dad and I had a delicious bagel breakfast from Brooklyn Bagel and relaxed outside in the sunshine. We made it home in time to help unload a few last things of Jonna's. Despite all the moving of large furniture upstairs only one window was broken, thanks Ben! :P We spent more of this day unpacking and getting settled. Dad was a huge help with the kitchen and my bedroom. John Clark taught me and Jonna how to start the lawn mower and weed whacker. He also explained all the varied poisons he'd provided us for killing weeds and bugs. We had a lot of people over the house enjoying the glorious backyard and all the space we have. Robin, Alicia, Ben, and Kristen (and Cosmo!) were all a lot of help, and nice company while we worked around the house. We didn't do much else Sunday night because I wasn't feeling well and needed to sleep, stupid lame high maintenance body, but dad went over to hang out with brother once he got home from reffing soccer. Tywanna and Jeff did stop by in the evening with a giant bucket filled with fresh strawberries too.

Brother and dad were up really late, so when I was up really early Monday, I took advantage of the time to go back to my old apartment and clean. When I arrived it was relatively clean. I cleaned half of the bathroom I shared with Elizabeth, I cleaned/vacuumed my bedroom, the living room, and removed everything else that was mine from the apartment. I emptied my food from the fridge, and considered my part of the cleaning complete. There was a lot of stuff randomly strewn about the apartment, I'm assuming it was Elizabeth's or her boyfriends things. Regardless, Shana and I did our part and separated on good terms. Once I left Heatherton lane for the last time, I met up with dad and brother. We decided, despite the intense heat, we would play mini golf. Brother and dad tied, of course. On the way back we stopped to enjoy a delicious Slurpee from 7-11. I haven't had one of those in a really long time. I combined Fanta Cherry and Coke! Sugar overload! We went to brother's for the rest of the evening where his roommate BP was making pulled pork, and a bunch of other delicious foods. Their neighbors from upstairs had purchased an inflatable pool, which we all enjoyed while relaxing on our last night of the long weekend. Moving is a really long process, but I'm glad I was able to take a break from unpacking on Monday to get some fun time in with dad and brother. I'm excited to see dad again at the end of June, even though it's for more moving and unpacking, it's always the best to have time with my dad!

I couldn't be happier with my new house, except having a 3rd roommate - that would add to my happiness! Saving money and all. Its been so nice living with Jonna and having a roommate (and friend!) who interacts/plays/laughs with me. I wish we could afford to live just the two of us in the house, but I think we made the right decision taking the upstairs to share between us. Once we get more settled we'll have lots of bbqs and people over, so look forward to more exciting adventures from Chez Quebec :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

weekend with momz

Not only was mom in town for my graduation, but also through the weekend. Brother and I got to see mom twice in the same month! Which has been unheard of since I left for college fall of 2000.

On Friday both brother and I had to work, so mom decided she would also work from the comfort of her hotel room. She had brought her work laptop with her and got settled in her room at the desk and comfy chair. After work I walked straight from the metro to the hotel. I had planned ahead and packed a bag of everything I needed. My apartment was literally a 5 minute walk down the street, but I didn't even want to make that much effort! I was still sick and really tired from the busy events of the week. We convinced Varun and brother to meet up at the hotel for dinner and a movie, and to play some Guillotene.

Saturday morning mom and I were really lazy and slowly got ready for the day. I walked back to my apartment to shower and get ready. I picked up mom, brother, and Keila for an adventure day! Not an adventure as in exploring DC, but as in shopping! Mom likes to spoil us when she can, and we take full advantage. Brother had just moved into a new apartment and needed various things. His previous place was furnished, so he needed a bed, sheets and things, etc. We jumped around various mattresses at Searsm and bought about a thousand pillows. I needed some too! Mom bought me a new tv for a graduation present (woohoo!) and some random odds and ends from Bed Bath and Beyond. Brother is officially set for his new apartment (minus the curtain I still have yet to hem, working on that..). We went to Vapiano for dinner before going to the movies to see the latest Pirates movie. We always seem to time seeing these movies when mom is in town, and we couldn't break the tradition.

Brother had to ref all day Sunday and really early, so it was just me and mom for the day! Her flight left that afternoon so we just spent the day doing more shopping. I had a few gift cards to use and since I've gained significant weight, desperately needed new work clothes. After shopping I sent mom on her way back to Tampa. We probably won't see her next until Lisa's wedding in CT in September. But it was really great to get to spend time together and see her twice in a short amount of time :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

graduation celebration

I started to feel a little under the weather, which was really bad timing because my graduation was coming up. Even though I technically finished in December, I decided that I wanted to walk the stage and make it official in a fancy cap and gown. Also, numerous friends/classmates were also graduating so I figured, why not?!

I ended up with a really bad cold. I lost my voice, could barely breathe, and had a lovely cough. It made the day a little less enjoyable, but I pushed on anyway. It was my day! Dad drove down from Jersey late in the afternoon, and mom and grams were supposed to fly up from Florida. Grandma ended up having to cancel her flight because her blood pressure was far too high and she needed to stay home and see her doctor. But mom arrived bright and early and I picked her up from the metro. We decided first to have an early lunch at Silver Diner with some delicious milkshakes, and then get a manicure. Afterward I was feeling really tired and sick, so I took a nap before I had to get ready for the ceremony. Mom went back to her hotel and I got all dressed up and walked over to wait for dad. Once he showed up we drove to campus.

I met up with my classmates, got all dressed up in my fancy cap and gown and took numerous pictures. I felt like a dinosaur in my giant green robe and stomped around rawring! Brother and Varun showed up in time to watch me walk across the stage, and proceeded to beg me to leave via text message before the entire ceremony was over. I made them sit it out and wait until it was done. It was mass chaos afterward and really difficult to find anyone. Each program in the Sciences/Humanities had an arranged area for snacks and meet and greet after. Of course, the history department was assigned to meet smack in the entrance of the auditorium, so everyone who was leaving was messed up and tangled in the entrance. Which means, I didn't get the chance to mingle with my classmates. Too many people and too hungry to fight through the crowd! We did manage a few more pictures with me and brother and my beautiful bouquet of roses from dad.

I decided that afterward I wanted to continue the celebration and go to Foccia Luna for dinner. They have the best pizza, so melty and yummy. The drive from Fairfax to Arlington was a little obnoxious but we made it and met up with Varun and Calvin, who decided to join us for dinner celebrations. Varun and brother bought me a delicious raspberry white chocolate cake! That was in true cake wreck style, it made me very happy :) And it was delicious. We ordered two very large pizzas and inhaled them. We had to cut the night short because I had to get up very early for work and I was still feeling sick, very lame.

I'm really glad I decided to walk across the stage, in my gloriously green cap and gown and white amazing hood :) So proud of myself and so glad that Dad, Mom, brother, and Varun were able to attend!

Monday, May 9, 2011

baby paul's graduation celebration

My cousin Paul graduated from FSU on April 29th, and my aunt decided to invite the family down to Florida to celebrate his accomplishment. Paul received his pre-med degree and has also been accepted into a chiropractic college in Florida, which he will start this fall. He has a few more years of school and practice, but until then we celebrate!

The celebration officially started on May 2nd, but brother and I weren't able to join everyone until the evening of the 5th. In total there were 25 of us running around FL. Aunt Laura, Uncle Dan, Joe, Jessie, Logan, Dave, Steven, Bang, Aunt Flora, Flora, Mark, Gramps, and Josie all flew down from CT. Aunt Trisha had booked a suite and numerous hotel rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Studios from Friday - Sunday. Sunday evening we were spending at mom and Trisha's houses until we all had flights back North around the same time Monday evening.

Mom picked us up from the airport Thursday night and when we got to her house she had chicken divan ready for us to eat :) It was perfectly warm and delicious. We went to bed relatively late, which made for a bit of a later start Friday morning. Once we had everyone up Saturday morning, packed, and ready we caravaned up to Orlando. The weather was overcast but the temperature was perfect. And that's really rare for Florida. The entire weekend ended up being sunny and warm and NOT humid - amazing! It did rain during the drive and for the first few hours we were at the hotel. But eventually it cleared and we all geared up in our bathing suits to spend the day by the pool. Mom had rented a cabana for the day, so the older generation relaxed in the shaded cabana and ordered food and drinks while the rest of us ran around and enjoyed the pool. The pool had a water slide that was fast and fun. It was Grams birthday so that night we had a group dinner and a cake to celebrate. The boys went out on the town to celebrate, read get extremely drunk, and I hung out with everyone else back in the suite. Unfortunately, both mom and Nikki weren't feeling well that night. Nikki was feeling much better in the morning, however mom was really sick the night before. So sick in fact, that I ended up sleeping in the suite. Mom ended up having to skip the day at the park and recover from her stomach bug :( Half way throughout the day, aunt Laura started feeling sick and ended up spending the rest of the day/night sick in her room. Luckily, it was only those two who were incredibly sick and it passed quickly. We were worried it would make its way through our group, but we were spared! (and it's always someone in my room who gets sick, always. There were of course others who threw up... but that was as a result of other means :P)

Since Trisha and the kids go to the parks often, she knew exactly which rides to hit. The early morning group was Trisha, Maggie, Connor, Gramps, Josie, Jessie, Joe, Logan, Nikki, Laura, Dan, and me. We decided to go to Harry Potter first because, well it's Harry Potter! That and the main attraction ride there is incredibly motion sensitive, so it's imperative to ride first before eating/drinking anything. It was SO neat, but it definitely messed with my head and stomach. I wish I wasn't so damn sensitive to motion. We rode a few more rides at Hogwarts before moving through the rest of the park. It was really neat to walk through the Hogsmeade village and see all the shops. We also enjoyed delicious butterbeer, which tasted like cream soda with butterscotch, so yummy. At the end of the day I bought peppermint frogs to enjoy at home (Stacey brought them back with her after her trip last fall and I needed them again!) Jessie, Connor, and Nikki were willing to ride almost anything, so we tended to ride a lot of the rides together.

Eventually the boys woke up and joined our group. We ran into them and dragged them along to the original Universal park. The park was closing earlier than usual because it was reserved for a graduation celebration night for some local high schools, so we didn't have much time to run around the second park. However, the park was really empty and we were able to get onto rides quickly. That and we had fast passes, thanks to staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. Our room keys doubled as fast passes at the park! We rode the Mummy ride twice in a row, it was probably my favorite ride (and one of my favorite movies) Once we had completed our day at the parks we all rounded up for dinner on the Boardwalk. We were all so exhausted from a long day of running around, the night ended up being a bit more low key.

Since we had done everything we wanted at the parks on Saturday, we decided to spend Sunday by the pool instead of a second day at the parks. It was a marvelous decision. It was sunny and gorgeous and we all got to relax and hang out together. Late afternoon we all showered up and caravaned back to Tampa. We had a delicious steak, potato dinner, and spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching movies, and working on a puzzle. Monday we did more of the same and rushed to finish the puzzle. We usually complete at least one puzzle during family trips, but this time we were slackers! Joe and mom put in the most effort, there were as usual, a few stragglers at the end.

Brother and I had an earlier flight, so mom drove us to the airport. Of course there was a delay, which we typically check before we leave but failed to do this time. So mom parked her car and we hung around the airport for a few extra hours. Eventually the rest of the group arrived and we all ran around the airport until finally it was time to board the plane and head back to DC. Since we got arrived home a few hours later than planned, Keila was awesome enough to pick us up all the way at BWI (in her crayon car) and drive us home. We managed to get a little lost in DC, it's not really possible to explain how this happened, it just did. But we made it back safely after a typical family affair. We fully celebrated Paul's graduation, thank you for being so smart and finishing your degree so we could all play and celebrate in Florida - on Trisha's dime ;) Congrats Baby Paul!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

teddy dear!

My bestest gave herself a wonderful mother's day gift and had her second son today :)

We welcome with love Theodore Samuel Adamek! He is 8lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inches long. Both mom and little eaglet are doing well. He's a true Adamek boy, eats and sleeps a lot, hehe. I can't wait to get up to Boston to meet my Teddy dear and shower him with love and kisses!