Thursday, December 29, 2011

black pants prance

I hate black pants.

I hardly ever wear them. I think the last time I wore black pants was at least 2 years ago. I own 2 pairs that I never wear. For Christmas, Dad took me and brother shopping. He bought me some new work pants and insisted that I needed black pants. Fine. The other 2 I own don't fit me anymore anyway, so I should probably get a new pair. And then I started thinking maybe, I'll even wear them because really, I shouldn't hate black pants. Maybe it's all in my head.

So today, I wore my new black pants to work.

I hate black pants.

When I put them on this morning I thought to myself, ugh these black pants make me feel like I'm working. Which, obviously, they are for work. But feeling like work adds dread to the day. Then, I'm sitting at my desk and notice there is a smudge of dust or something on my pant leg. Black pants get dirty SO FAST. There is fuzz and dust, everything just sticks to them. Then I look homeless and filthy because my black pants attract everything!

The only upside is that they're really comfortable. And I will probably wear them again since they were a present, but I'll still hate them.

Friday, December 16, 2011

this is my house

Everyone knows that Hufflepuff is the worst house at Hogwarts. Fact. It just is. Are there any characters that you can name from that house? Any at all? Go ahead and try.

Yah, I didn't think so. But there is one. And she was in the first movie for all of a few seconds, which is when she was sorted into Hufflepuff. (If you can name that ONE without looking it up or watching the scene, I'll send you something fantastic)

One of my favorite bloggers (@TheBloggess) posted about how she's going to Hogwarts this weekend, a birthday present for her daughter. She stated that of course her family had been sorted into houses and she was sorted into Hufflepuff. Damn right! Finally I'm in good company!

the metro that never stopped

I tried to share this amazing story with Brendan and my brother, but I'm not sure that either were all too entertained. I however, was, and so was Brie. Exactly.

Scene. Packed metro car on a Friday evening with numerous people impatiently waiting to get their way home.

"Something is wrong with the train. As soon as we adjust it we'll be on our way."

Okay, interesting. Hoping for a non-eventful ride home, we move along shortly after this announcement. Nothing at Foggy Bottom, then we're in Rosslyn.

"This train is not stopping at Clarendon. There is a train 3 minutes behind this one that will stop. This train is not stopping at Clarendon."

Nice. That means one less stop for me before I head home. Next stop, Courthouse.

"The doors aren't working right. You should see a red light above the door. If you don't can you just, shove the door?"

Umm, probably not the best idea. But the guy next to me decides that it IS a good idea, so he starts shoving the door. The red light wasn't on, and didn't turn on, however, the train started moving. Safe? Probably not, but the door appeared shut and we were moving. We're rolling through Clarendon, horn blasting every few feet.

"This train is not stopping, not stopping. This train is not stopping in Clarendon, not stopping. This train is not stopping"

Continuously! As we roll through the station. At this point I'm dying and I can't find anyone else near me half as entertained. I feel like I'm in a Speed movie, I want Keanu Reeves to be on the train with me so I can scream out "OH MY GOD! This train is NOT STOPPING!!"

I restrained myself from yelling, which I mostly regret now. I can only imagine what the rest of the ride was like, I only had to survive 4 stops. I wonder how many people would've laughed, or screamed with me, maybe in real terror, or how many wouldn't have noticed anything at all.

End Scene.