Friday, July 26, 2013

here's something for the pain

Brendan found this on youtube yesterday. We then watched EVERY EPISODE and it was the best unplanned entertainment we could have asked for.

If you love Battlefield 3 and all the joy/pain it brings, you will love these videos. You're welcome.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

shark love

costco size

So I  bought this bag of baby carrots at Costco for the Rowles family reunion last weekend. Which means this bag of baby carrots is HUGE. No family of 4 could ever possibly eat the amount of baby carrots that are in this bag. I figure we're at least 12 people (the Rowles family is small) so this bag will be destroyed. Brother packed them in the cooler and we drove up to VT with this bag of baby carrots and NO ONE ATE THEM AT ALL.

So I've been eating baby carrots all damn week, but with roasted pine nut hummus so it's not too terrible. It doesn't help that Brendan doesn't really care for carrots either. Last night I decided, I'm going to boil these baby carrots and slather them in butter and dill. And for about 20-25 minutes I sang about my baby carrots.

And then Sarah started singing the chorus for that Justin Beiber song, baby baby baby OoooOoo! While I danced around the kitchen/living room singing my baby carrots song. A baby carrot medley!