Thursday, May 13, 2010


I finished and handed in all my finals Monday night - now I'm just waiting on grades. Rather impatiently I might add.

The end of this semester is a big deal because it's the last time I'll have to take 3 classes at once. I can't WAIT to have only two classes to handle. I've heard the research seminar is hard work like taking 2 classes for the price of one, but at least its the same topic and professor.

This week I'm catching up on life, like bills, laundry, cleaning, and getting ready for the summer semester and moving. Ugh, moving. Oh and playing Plants v Zombies, which is only one of the best games ever.

Next week I start my summer internship which means I'll be working from 7-5pm. But at least from 1:30-5pm I'll be doing work that I love! I've been able to continue my internship at GW Special Collections Research Center working on the Riggs family papers. Until then, I will take advantage of every free second that I have being carefree and having fun!!