Sunday, July 11, 2010

jonna have birthday

To celebrate Jonna's 26th birthday she organized a wine tour in the VA countryside. The day started warm, muggy, and rainy. But as the limo drove us out of the city and into the middle of no where, the skies cleared and it became sunny, hot, and gorgeous.

We had the limo packed with drinks and snacks, which helped pass the time. We stopped at 4 different wineries before we had to head back to Arlington. Most of the wine wasn't very good unfortunately. The second place we stopped was probably the best. We were able to taste a wine they hadn't released yet, which is the only bottle I bought. We had a picnic lunch here as well and enjoyed the sunshine.

They continued the party after the tour ended at Alicia and Robin's apartment, but I had to be a lame responsible student and go home to finish working on my outline for class discussion that week. Overall I think Jonna was disappointed because the company that she arranged the tour through hadn't been truthful about some of the pricing and options. But we managed to have a lot of fun despite the set backs and drank a whole lot of wine!

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