Tuesday, June 24, 2008

beach bums

This past weekend was friend Jen Cohen's 28th birthday - and we celebrated at the beach! We spent the weekend in Rehoboth in a gorgeous condo, a 15 minute walk from the beach. Anthony, Chris and I took Friday off and Greg Rosko came down from NY to join in on the fun! In total there were 11 - Jen (birthday girl!), Billy, Dustin, Nancy, Ant, Chris, Greg, Molly, Eugene, Susie and me!

Friday we were lazy, laid on the beach, enjoyed dinner and the boys enjoyed beer from the Dog Fish Head brewery. Afterwards we played mini golf - which was pretty difficult to be honest. It was an island themed, and the boys wore island hats! We finished the evening playing board games, which is always competitive and fun.

Saturday we woke up early, had breakfast at the corner "Euro" breakfast shop - Greg ate an EGGnormous (it really was) breakfast sammich, I enjoyed a banana waffle and a mocha frappe. (with an accent over the E) The beach was sunny and HOT. The water was much much too cold to go swimming in, but we laid around and played dominoes, I read for class, and ate lots of snacks. That evening was a big mess - we tried to grill food for dinner (grill was much too small), cook in the kitchen, drink and watch movies - while being pushed to head out to the boardwalk. Once we finally made it to the boardwalk - we played many games and won little stuffed animals. (One of which I'm sending as a present to mah friend - can't say more yet, it's a surprise!) We also played a bunch of video games in the arcade and Ant bought me orange swirl ice cream in a cone! It's my favorite beach ice cream, so yummy.

Sunday we played plastic ball (in our attempt to NOT damage any cars in the parking lot, an empty water bottle will do!) until some a-hole ruined our fun, played around at the pool and headed home. It was a great long weekend! The weather held up pretty well, sunny for 90% of the beach day! and no rain until the ride home.

(hopefully pictures to come!)

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