Tuesday, December 23, 2008

grades are in!

I received my grade for my 3rd class - B+

Not too bad. I expected the grade, so I wasn't surprised. I could have put in more effort, but it is what it is. This January I'm going to apply for my Master's in History with a concentration in applied history for enrollment in the Fall. Hopefully they will accept me regardless of my GRE score. So far I have 2 A's and a B+: I think I can manage this graduate school thing :P

Anthony applied for his Master's in EE with a concentration in communications at George Mason and was accepted!(via email last week - a little informal in my opinion) We are both school bound and drowning in homework. BUT we couldn't be happier to be on break, for now. Class doesn't start up until January 20th (I think) so until then - schoools out!

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