Monday, November 23, 2009

primal conflict part III

Last year, Anthony, Nick and I went to see Primal Conflict Wrestling II, in West VA - which is a spectacular amateur wrestling event. It was my first time seeing True Talent Bobby Shields (Bob!) wrastle, and he told me that they were hosting the event again.

I meant to invite a bunch of people to check out the Primal Conflict Wrestling III, but forgot with school being so demanding. Last minute I convinced Jen to come along for the hour and thirty minute drive up to WV to watch Bob wrastle. We made it just in time to catch Bob's match! I took a few pictures, but they came out a little dark. Bob won his match! and it was very exciting. All kinds of jumping, throwing, slamming and slapping around. Jen and I left just after intermission - as the drive back was long and I had to keep working on my paper. The goal was to finish my paper by Sunday afternoon so I could enjoy my evening before getting back into the busy routine of the week.

He's also been working really hard since last year to gain more weight (muscle) and he's been very successful. I hadn't seen him wrastle since a year before, and I noticed a significant difference. All that hard work, and many hours of eating and working out has been worth it. Bob also told me that he finally heard back from the WWE and over Thanksgiving weekend he was asked to come to a taping. He didn't know whether he'd just be helping out or would get a chance to wrastle, but either way I'm excited for him! He's been wanting a shot at the WWE for a while, and I hope that it goes well!

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