Wednesday, December 2, 2009

car love

After delaying and ignoring issues with my car for months (since I think June/July), I decided it was time to bite the bullet and take my car to get fixed. In a few weeks, once finals are over and done with (can't waaaait) I will be driving up North for the holidays and figure since it's many miles it would be good to know my car is all set and hopefully will keep me safe.

Since 2 of the 3 issues were specific to my Saturn, I decided to take it to a dealership in Fairfax, just a few miles from campus. I spoke with a dude named HOOK, who was really friendly and told me they'd take care of my car. (FYI - He did not have a hook for a hand, and I was very disappointed) First, my brakes have been clicking every time I press them. I figured it was the ABS engaging and not a big deal, since I tested my brakes - in the rain - and was able to stop successfully and the ABS worked as they should. Found out, it wasn't really that big a deal. Part of my left front axle cracked in half, completely, which left the sensor for my ABS confused. It couldn't tell how fast my left tire was rotating in comparison to the right, so it was always panicking and engaging, click click click! For you lucky people who have experienced this, it's fixed! The dealership picked up parts from an outside vendor so it cost me about $250 less than it should have. Still cost about $400 total, JUST for that (not counting labor, good times)

Also, the bracket for my muffler rusted and broke, not off entirely, just loosely so that my muffler rattled and it wasn't dragging on the ground, I'm not that trashy. As a precautionary measure I used a wire hanger to secure my muffler in place, until I got around to getting it fixed (read 5 months later..) They easily replaced the bracket costing around $125 for parts and labor.

Third and final issue, my sunroof likes to leak into the trunk of my car. Found out it's as simple as replacing the drainage into the hose, the mechanic explained it to me and showed me how I can fix it myself, should it happen again (which it will because this was time #4 it was leaking). This luckily didn't cost me a thing! Which is good, because I have a feeling the last time I brought it in to get fixed and they charged me $300 was BULLSHIT, especially because it was probably just the damn hose again, which I can fix myself, so take that craptastic dealership in Alexandria.

Finally, after many months, my car is in working order and happy. It only cost me $711.28 to get it there, but hey, it's the price you pay for a sweet 3 door black cherry Saturn <3 (and mobility)

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