Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy birthday america

After dropping off Brendan for his flight, I drove back home to meet up with Jonna, brother, Alicia, and Kristen to head to Evan's for a 4th of July BBQ. Evan has prime viewing of the DC fireworks from his rooftop balcony. We did however decide to leave his condo before the fireworks mostly because it was a work night and we didn't want to get trapped in the city with all the people. I know it's rather lame, but really we should've also had the 5th off from work too. I had a long busy weekend, and I was good without fireworks. I could hear them from the house though later that night. And they did have them on tv.. :)

There were many peoples at Evan's for the 4th, and lots of delicious food. It was a true "grown up" event. It had the typical grilling fare, but also amazing side dishes such as 3 bean salad, mozza-tomato-basil deliciousness, homemade guac, chocolate cake, lemon bars, strawberry salad.. there was an intense amount of food and drink! I felt so grown up to be enjoying food of such high caliber at a BBQ. The company was divided between upstairs on the balcony and downstairs in the living room. A group of us were hiding under the canopy from the sun, enjoying chilled white wine, snacks, and good conversation. Occasionally dancing around to music provided by Kristen's phone. When we were ready to head back to Arlington, we headed downstairs and found everyone else sitting around the television watching Independence Day. While yes, this is not the best movie of all time, it does have its entertaining moments. But apparently while watching the movie, various people would ad-lib lines and modify the storyline. We didn't understand the humor behind this game walking into the middle of the antics, or why they decided to watch this movie to begin with, so it made it pretty easy to say goodbye and head home. A bonus for leaving Evan's early, I got to have Rita's on the cab ride home! A delicious blend of ice and frozen custard, so refreshing.

Hopefully next year Evan will host a 4th BBQ again and I'll be less lame and stay to enjoy the firework show. I definitely enjoyed all the food and left fat and content, happy birthday America!

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