Monday, July 4, 2011

seattle comes to DC

Memorial weekend as I'm moving into my new house, I got the best phone call. I answered the phone and Brendan says, can you pick me up at 7:30am at Dulles Airport on July 2nd? Hell yes!! Now all we needed to do was get through June, but at least we had an official countdown!

As background to this most anticipated date and understanding why a flight and countdown were in order is that for the last almost 3 months we have been talking, skyping, texting, all forms of possible communication between here and Seattle. We were definitely over due for a visit. Why is my Brendan in Seattle? Well, he's waiting on a start date for a job, but should be living here come September or October, fingers crossed. I found and emailed Brendan on OKCupid, mostly because he is well, hot (and yes his profile did also entertain me). But also because I've lived in DC almost 6 years and thought in the least maybe I could offer some insight to his questions on living here in the city. He replied back to my email.. and we've been in constant communication ever since.

Many of my friends and family were concerned for this meeting, mostly hoping that Brendan wouldn't arrive only to kidnap and kill me. I didn't have any concern for my safety, but would continuously strive to ensure them that he is such a good boy and would do no harm. I am entirely blessed and lucky to have friends and family who love and care for me so very very much. In the end my friends liked Brendan very much (even dear brother shared some sort of positive sentiment) and agreed that he is not at all, creepy (thanks Alicia :P).

July 1st finally arrived and we were both incredibly excited. We both planned our days completely to keep busy before his flight would arrive early the next day. Of course it started with work, then I met up with a large group of friends to see the Nationals play the Pirates. It was incredibly hot, as DC does best. Jonna was convinced to come to the game as well, which worked out well because we both wanted to leave the game before it was over. Mostly to avoid the packed metro, but also because I needed to get to bed so that I could wake up early to head to the airport! Jonna and I managed to get seats on the train and made our very own dance party, sunglasses on the metro thanks to constant flickering lights and a personal interpretation of a song that I'll never remember the name of. When I was heading home, Brendan was heading to the Marlins game in Seattle. He was enjoying stadium food and beer while I was heading to bed. While I was sleeping, Brendan went to the airport and boarded a plane which would take him straight to me!

I woke up early Saturday and headed to Dulles and waited not too patiently for Brendan. What felt like foreeeeeever he finally appeared and I ran and jumped into his arms and squeeeezed sooo tight, and he kissed me :) (aww first kiss) Finally he was here in DC, even if only for a short 2 days, incredibly happy. I knew straight away the first place that I would take Brendan was for bagel breakfast! After teasing about how amazingly delicious these bagels are I had to let him taste for himself. Of course breakfast was approved, because anyone who has had bagel breakfast at Brooklyn Bagels knows they're the best. When we were leaving the bagel place we realized how tired he was from working the entire day before and boarding a red eye flight, as he almost fell on an unsuspecting woman sitting next to us outside. Brendan is a big boy at 6'1 and would've crushed the poor girl! Luckily he managed to catch himself and we decided our next plan of action would be to head down to Rosslyn to check on the status of his hotel room, since he clearly needed a nap. His room wasn't ready so I decided we'd take a walk down to the park by the entrance to 395. We stopped for some Starbucks, in hopes it would help perk him up and made it to the park. It was early enough that it wasn't too hot yet and we enjoyed the comforts of the shade at the park. One of Brendan's first new discoveries of DC was cicadas. Apparently, they don't exist in Seattle. We were relaxing in the park and they were doing as they do, which is make really loud noises from the trees. I've always grown up hearing cicadas and recognized that this meant it was summertime and hot! He asked me WHAT that ridiculous noise was and I said, a bug. He was amazed that a bug could make such a racket. Of course I looked up a picture for him to see how ugly they are, and informed him he should get used to the sound.

Luckily his room was ready shortly after, he was able to nap and clean up from his long evening. I enjoyed watching Zoolander while I waited. We decided to first grab some food before heading to Arlington Cemetary. We stopped at Hell Burger, which I had never eaten at before, and ate some seriously massive delicious burgers. We hopped the metro, where Brendan got to use his new (thanks to Ginger!) metro card, and experience the DC metro for the first time. I haven't been to the Arlington Cemetery since I went many years ago in 8th grade. My only wish was for it not to be SO hot. We walked around and explored the cemetery, saw JFK's eternal flame, and even managed to catch a changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Having a better appreciation for history, I think I appreciated it a lot more now than I did many years ago. It was really neat to see graves from the civil war and all the hidden gardens, tombs, and statues. The sun was beating us up so we decided to head down to Pentagon City and grab some drinks to perk up. We decided not to spend the rest of the day rushing around, since he will be moving here in the near future, and just enjoy the day at a slow pace, and not in the hot sun! I never fare well in ridiculous heat and humidity so we ended up watching a movie at the hotel and fell asleep rather early. (but did wake up to text Jonna and let her know that I will still well and alive :P)

I woke up abruptly around 5am because there was an intense thunderstorm. I think it was louder and brighter than usual because we were in Rosslyn and up on the 9th floor. So the sound was just vibrating off the buildings and the lightening was intense! I woke up, which woke Brendan up, and he was concerned why I was up so early. I said, "well.." and waited a few seconds hoping that it would thunder again. Once he realized what was going on, he woke right up and ran over to the window like a little kid on Christmas morning. He opened the curtains all the way so we could enjoy the storm, apparently our storms here in DC are rather impressive to this Seattle boy :P

Since we had crashed so early we woke up pretty early (even despite the storm). We decided we'd spend today exploring the area so Brendan could get an idea of where he might like to live, and just to see what DC has to offer. We first stopped for breakfast at O'Sullivans. They have my second favorite brunch options in VA. We were the only people at the pub and very thoroughly enjoyed a delicious breakfast. After, we stopped at my house, so he could see our Chez Quebec, and meet Jonna. We hung around the house for a bit and relaxed in the AC before we meandered over to brothers apt. He met brother and his roommates and we hung around there for a few hours enjoying the shade and delicious drinks in the backyard. We left brother's to explore Springfield, VA since this is near where Brendan will be working, and he is considering finding a place to live there. After we finished exploring Springfield we drove back to Arlington to pick up Jonna, Alicia, and some bags of ice from the gas station before heading to Kristen and Jay's for a 4th of July BBQ. We met up with Kristen, Jay, Todd, Mia, and Ben for food and refreshments. While we were enjoying delicious foods, the sky turned really dark and ominous. Randomly Kristen shouted out "I'm very concerned about the weather right now!" and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her, then we laughed because her concern was so immediate and intense. But we started packing things up and rushing everything into the laundry room of their building and luckily made it inside just before another massive thunderstorm hit Arlington. Torrential rain, high winds knocked a few large branches off trees in front of their complex. Their apt building lost power, but we decided until the weather calmed down we would venture upstairs into the apartment. Once the weather finally cleared we went back outside to check out the damage from the storm and enjoy more BBQing. It was later in the afternoon so bugs were out, including lightening bugs, which Brendan had never seen before. I caught a few for him to check out up close. I continually felt like a little kid throughout the whole weekend sharing all these new discoveries with Brendan! The temperature had cooled down immensely after the storm which was an amazing break from the humidity and heat. We decided to leave the BBQ early and metro into DC to check out some of the monuments and the white house. My friend Bob had suggested we explore DC at night instead of during the day for many reasons some of which being, significantly less people to get in the way, and the sun is gone so you're not melting. There aren't many shady spots on the National Mall, so I embraced this idea and Brendan agreed. We metroed into the city and walked around the Washington monument and the WWII monument. Because of all the fireworks and hoopla that was set up for the 4th the next day, a lot of the other monuments were blocked off. We did wander around and manage to get in front of the white house, just in time for the lights to turn off at 11pm. We still hung around the gate, chatted it up with a few security guards, and waved to the people with sniper rifles that we believe were watching us. Since nothing else was available to us, we decided to hop the metro and head back to Rosslyn. We enjoyed a late night pizza and watched a movie together, enjoying the last of the day.

Unfortunately, even though it was the 4th of July, Brendan had to catch a plane back home to Seattle. We woke up a little late and being a holiday, nothing was available for breakfast without causing him to miss his flight (which really wasn't MY concern). Instead we drove to Dulles where I dropped him off with a big hug and kiss, and sent him on his way back home. Sooo sad that he had to go back to Seattle for an undetermined amount of time before I'd get to see him again. I think the worst part is just not knowing when. But it will be soon, hopefully before the year is out. Until then, our first meeting/playing was a huge success! And we'll continue to use all means of communication until we can be together again, which will have to do.

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