Friday, June 8, 2012

strawberry shortcake

Since I've had to have a lot of doctor visits recently (all just check ups, and all ending with great news!) I've been a little low on funds to pamper myself. Mom and Gram came to DC at the end of April to celebrate mom's 50th bday and Gram decided that I needed to get my hair and nails done. Being the best Gram in the world, she gave me money to treat myself!

Jonna and I randomly made appointments at Luxx Salon at the same date and time, so we decided to just make it a full pamper day and get pedicures once we had our hair dyed.

I tried for a pepper pots look, but since red fades quickly my hair stylist Redouane convinced me to go a little darker. We mixed some golden blonde, brown, and copper, and slathered it on my head. The results aren't too bad, if I do say so myself...

The color will fade and change each time I wash my hair. We're hoping that as it fades the other colors will be more prevalent. We'll see how this hairiment turns out. 

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