Monday, July 21, 2008

gross broken kitchen

The kitchen sink started flooding/leaking Saturday July 12th. While working on my paper I bailed out the sink multiple times and tried to clean up all the water on the floor. Eventually I gave up.

I called the realtor, ProMax, Monday morning and they had the plumbers call me. I called them again Tuesday and they FINALLY sent someone Wednesday. The plumber
went to the apt - never called me - made a huge mess tramping around in his muddy shoes but managed to fix the leak UNDER the sink. (note: the water has been turned off in the kitchen for over a week now) He wasn't able to figure out or fix where the water was coming from on the floor or figure out why my sink kept filling up with SEWAGE water.

oh yes.

So it seemed to be fixed, and the plumber wasn't able to find anything that may have been blocking the sink or causing it to fill up. Friday I get home from work - floor flooded and sink filled again. The floor isn't flooded from the sink which makes this even more interesting. The sink has never overflowed, just filled up to the very brim. I called the plumber and he basically laughed at me. He told me they had sent someone, I told him it wasn't fixed - and he told me to shove something down the sink so that the water would come up somewhere else - like my tub or something. Oh yes, that's a GREAT idea. Lets plug up the shower OR the toilet - we don't need to use those at all. He finally tells me "we'll try to send someone Monday". More bailing of the sink and cleaning of the floor. And did I mention it smells? It smells horribly. Saturday, this happens again. Evan and I call ProMax and leave a message as this has been going on too long and they should have sent someone Friday to fix it! (another note: this isn't the first time this has happened in our kitchen sink - and last time it was just as difficult to get resolved, but less time and less gross!)

My apt is AWFUL right now - I don't want to be there AT ALL. It smells awful and there is no way this can be healthy OR sanitary.

The realtor called me this morning at work. I'd rather Evan call them, as he would probably be better at yelling at them than I would, but this lady - she honestly terrifies me. She said she would call the plumbers and call me back - but that she would rip them a new one. She is just as pissed about it as I am (at least she made me feel that way).

So its been over a week, my apartment is disgusting and I'm waiting to hear back from someone. We did take pictures of the sink and the floor, and we're thinking of hiring a cleaning service and having the company pay for it. It's one of the grossest things I've ever had to deal with. They better fix it today, or they will feel my (and Evan's) wrath.

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Sarah Merrill said...

Heather, You should look at this website and specifically page 17 #'s 1, 2, 4 and 5.

Mike and I had a problem last year with our landlord that took over a month for them to fix, and when we did research and mentioned the code violations they were there that night at 11pm to fix it. Amazing how that works!!