Tuesday, July 22, 2008

kitchen update

Evan left work early yesterday to be home with the second plumber. Supposedly it's fixed, and we won't get flooded again.

We went to Safeway and bought massive amounts of bleach, chemicals and a mop (and also 2 bottles of wine - this was necessary for the job we were undertaking)

It was the grossest cleaning experience, and Evan actually did most of the work. He wins teh prize! We bleached everything and anything that was in the kitchen. Jonna came by and fed us cookies while we worked, hehe. They were delicious! Unfortunately, we thought we were finished but discovered that water seeps into everything. So we have a little bit more to clean up, and one more good bleach mopping of the floor and cabinets, and we should be good to go. It smells a lot better than before, and soon I'll gain the courage to use the kitchen sink.

ps. thank you Sarah for the handbook link! I will keep that on hand - Evan apparently had already referenced it (him learning to be a lawyer and all) but it's new to me :)

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