Wednesday, August 6, 2008

first trip to texas

A week ago, my brother and I flew to San Antonio to visit my dad. He recently got a new job as the Director of Engineering at Albany Engineered Composites. He packed up and moved from Santa Barbara to San Antonio where he will live for a year and then move to work at the main branch in New Hampshire. We took this chance to see Texas, my dad and his new digs.

The first thing we noticed - it was sooo hot. Everyday, all day. The sun felt like it was melting my body. My dad said that it was worse than usual because of the hurricane that passed through a few days before. But it was humid, and a lot more green than I was expecting. We arrived Friday night and went directly from the airport to the River Walk to have dinner, and walk around the city. The River Walk is literally, a river through the city that is surrounded by restaurants and shops. There were tons of people (most of them were pretty large) and continual boat tours up and down the river. I bought new sunglasses and fun presents (a cowboy hat for Anthony).

Saturday we went to the Alamo! We walked around with head sets and listened to history and learned about the people who died fighting the Mexicans. I learned that the Alamo didn't use to have a roof - only the barracks did. We took a bunch of pictures and ate ice cream. We had lunch on the river walk and spent the afternoon shopping and exploring the river area.

Sunday we woke up early and explored caves 30 minutes from my dads apartment. These caves were featured in an 1980s Patrick Swazye movie, Fatherhood. The caves are privately owned and actually had a lot of its own history. Indians used to live inside the cave, and man used the cave to hide from the police for many years. They had (supposedly) bones in the wall from a wooly mammoth and a tusk sticking out of the ground. The company had been giving tours since it was found in the 1930s. It was cool to see all the stalagmites and stalactites, and it felt very cold. Their main catch was there was a 100ft waterfall underground. It was a lie. Well, kind of. There used to be an active 100ft waterfall. But over time, it became a 100ft drizzle. So they used pipes to make it seem like it was still active. The ceiling was really cool, it had holes and swirls where water used to flow that carved out the ceiling. It was too dark to get any good pictures of the ceiling unfortunately.

After the caves we went to Sea World. We rode a bunch of rides and got very wet. Which makes sense, it's of the sea. We left at closing and were coming back early Monday to play at the park some more and also - play with a sea lion! My brother and I got to have a sea lion follow our commands to do tricks, swim, stick out its tongue, and get us soaking wet. It was a lot of fun! We also played for a while next to the Atlantis water ride - because everytime a boat came down the ramp, it drenched us in water - which was welcomed from the heat. Lines were too long and we had to leave so I could get ready to come back home to VA.

We had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed Texas. I'd love to go back to San Antonio again soon. We did a lot and I was exausted! But, really glad I got to hang out with my dad and brother. (and a day off from work)

Click here to see more pictures from my trip to San Antonio!
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