Monday, August 11, 2008

mom and gramz

My mom and grandma flew up from Florida Friday afternoon to spend the weekend in DC with me and my brother. It's convenient since Chris and I are in the same area code for the summer, so they took advantage of the time to visit.

Friday we started with a delicious dinner at Earl's Sandwiches and went to the Courthouse theater to see The Mummy 3. Yah, I know what you're thinking - who would see that movie?! Since we have an obsession with the first two mummy movies, we had to see this one as a family. It was OK and probably would have been a lot better had Rachel Weiz kept her role as Evelyn. We went to their hotel room to hang out and we watched Iron Man - which I hadn't seen before, and really really liked!

Saturday we woke up early and had a bagel breakfast before going to see some monuments in DC. Chris had made plans weeks in advance to do paintball, so he was gone for most of the day. We saw the big monuments, had an Italian Ice and went back to Clarendon to do some shopping. I got a lot of new clothes and a jacket for my and Anthony's trip to Iceland! We met up with Chris for dinner, and played Clue at the hotel. And I won, it was Mrs. Peacock in the Billard Room with the Candle Stick.

Sunday we slept in and were lazy. We brought my mom and gramz to Bob and Edith's for breakfast (mmm blueberry pancakes!) and spent the day at Tyson's Corner, shopping. Chris and I got a lot of really nice new clothes and accessories, we are very spoiled. After we saw Pineapple Express, which was ridiculous, and my grandmother actually enjoyed (minus the swearing and occasional representations of gay sex). They left this morning on a flight back home. I already miss them and continue to hate that my family lives so far apart. But we had a really good time and hopefully they will visit (or I will visit in FL!) again soon!

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