Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentine's day

I had a very full day planned, it just happened to also be valentine's day!

Saturday morning April and her roommate Makeila hosted a delicious homemade brunch. There were multiple egg casseroles, apple pancakes, french toast, fruit, juice, champagne, sausages.. anything and everything you could possibly want for breakfast, they had made! After eating and chatting for a bit we each got to take home a goodie bag with valentines, candy and a delicious cookie sandwich!

That afternoon I met up with Leigh for a mini spa appointment. We got our nails done and chatted. Leigh had been away for 2 weeks and that is just far too long! We had lots to chat about and catch up on. And made more plans to play for Sunday.

The rest of the afternoon I watched Firefly with Evan and worked on my surprise for Amy. I lost track of the time and realized I was late for dinner! Jonna offered to host a dinner and movie night at her apartment, and I had to head over. Sarah, Jonna, Evan and I enjoyed a delicious homemade lasagna, with salad and wine. Afterwards the girls relaxed with more wine and watched 27 dresses, I also got to play with Michelle's cat, who is so fat and cute!

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