Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I decided a few weeks back to visit my friend Amy in VT for a long weekend. Her husband Mike and their son James invited me to their home from February 7th - 9th. My flight left incredibly early Saturday morning and I was up and out and on my way before the sunrise.

Saturday they picked me up at the airport and James loved me immediately :) At least I like to think so! He's 17 months old and it was the first time I'd met him. He loves being read too, and he brought me many of the books he loves and I read them to him. We went to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory to make our very own special bears. James picked out a red bear, and I picked out a dark brown bear. We got to stuff them and pick out a bow tie. Afterward, we went to Church St which is in downtown Burlington (as downtown as Vermont gets, hehe) They were having a winter festival and each shop was working on ice sculptures in front of their shops. Of course we also had to stop for some Ben and Jerrys, before heading back home for the evening. That night a bunch of Amy and Mike's friends came over to play and visit. We played rock band, ate delicious pear dessert and watched Labyrinth (which Amy had given me as a present!)

Sunday we relaxed some more and watched Mama Mia - which was actually a better movie than I thought it was going to be. And quite often have the "honey honey" song stuck in my head. Amy and I went to see Coraline and met up with Chris and Dave. It was a really cute and a little bit creepy animated movie, but I really liked it. We went to church that night and afterward came home to watch Firefly - which is the best series and am so sad that it only lasted one season! I really thought that Evan would enjoy this "sci-fi western" show and when I got home Monday night I was telling him all about it - and how instead of making him watch Charmed (he puts up with a lot, hehe) we would watch Firefly instead. AND little did I know - he owns the season on dvd! So we've pretty much been watching that since I got back from VT 2 weeks ago, hehe.

Monday I was able to go with Amy to her doctors appointment before my flight home. She is almost 6 months pregnant (less than 100 days til her due date!) with baby number two! I got to hear her little heartbeat, and it was so amazing :D I can't wait to go back to visit after the baby is born! We had a little more time after the doctor's appointment so we got some lunch and went shopping for some maternity clothes, since her belly is getting bigger everyday! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends who would open their home to me. I had such an amazing weekend away. I was really sad to come back home, but it's a little easier knowing I'll be back to visit in a few more months!

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