Saturday, February 28, 2009

have kitten

I have always wanted to get a kitten, but it never seemed to be the right time. After 4 different trips to PetSmart, I finally found the perfect one! Leigh and Jonna came with me to PetSmart. They were having an adoption fair, and they also have cats for adoption at the store from a different shelter. There was a gray tabby that was very sweet and had the greenest eyes, but she was very timid and nervous. My ideal cat is one that will cuddle, play and be social. Jonna and Leigh had seen a cute orange tabby in one of the kennels and told me to check him out before I made any decision on the gray tabby.

I think I instantly fell in love with kitten 6703. He loved all three of us and was so content to be held, pet and purred intensely. After filling out the paper work, we roamed the store and picked out toys, litter box, and food to take home. Jonna and I gave him a bath, which he behaved so well! and dried him off.

It took me a few days before I decided on a name. Initially I wanted to name him Percy. I had picked out that name for a kitten many years ago, but having kitten 6703 at home, the name didn't suit his personality. He is very playful and bratty! Jonna suggested naming him Dyson (yes, like the vacuum) because he is always purring and moving around. The final name I was considering was Balthazor. The name is from a demonic character on Charmed. It seemed fitting since kitten 6703 is a little demon, Balthazor is the name I finally decided on. And for those who couldn't remember how to say Balthazor, I decided we can also call him Cole (Balthazor's human identity). When he misbehaves, he hears the entire name. Cole Balthazor, NO!

A few days after I brought him home he started sneezing, but he didn't seem to be sick. He was still playing, eating, drinking and using his litter box. That next weekend I went to FL to visist my mom, but Balthazor proceeded to get very sick while I was away. He was luckily still eating, but was very lethargic, weezing, sneezing and coughing (who knew kittens coughed). I brought him to the vet when I got back from my trip and found out he had a respiratory infection. They gave me antibiotics, vitamins for the virus and ear drops for his little ears. Its been over a week since the visit to the vet and he is doing MUCH better. He plays EVEN more now, not really sure how that's possible, but he does.

He's been a great addition to my and Evan's apartment. Even though he might not admit it, Evan loves him too!

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Bill Egge said...

He is very adorable!!! I am happy for you.