Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The first weekend of March my flight was booked and my bags were packed. I flew into Tampa where I was picked up by my mom, brother and his girlfriend Nixy. It was sooo warm and sunny, hello Florida!

From the airport we went to Disney! They had been the week before and decided that we would go to Epcot for the day. Now, Epcot is not one of the parks I enjoy, but I let it slide. We didn't go to the boring countries at least. I just think Epcot is the most boring park. They do have an entirely new section, something like "tomorrow land" with rides and interactive movies, and that was fun. I still had to complain about how it was a slow death though, because it IS Epcot afterall. But after we spent most of the day there we went to Magic Kingdom and saw the giant castle, the electric lights parade, fireworks, pirates of the carribean, and ate delicious giant sundaes. (oh and I saw a man wearing a snuggie on the way out of the park to the parking lot - and it was hilarious!) The park closed at 8pm and we decided to head back to Tampa for the night. Once home we of course watched Mulan and snacked.

Saturday we relaxed by the pool, in the sunshine and played games. Brother and Nixy's flights back to Rochester were later that afternoon, so we decided to just enjoy the day. I learned a new card game called Golf, and it's so easy to play, and a lot of fun. After we dropped brother and Nixy off at the airport, mom, trisha and I had pedicure appointments. We got the full deal, parafin wax and all. Cute little toes. It was so relaxing and nice to be with my mom and aunt, and chat. We had dinner reservations for that night and decided on the way out to buy some cute dresses to wear. We were all dolled up and went out for a delicious dinner, and my uncle Roger came along too.

Sunday we went to church and afterwards decided to make (trisha taught me her recipe) a pot roast for dinner. Most of the day we spent relaxing again, playing outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather. I also made everyone watch 7 brides for 7 brothers, and I think they all enjoyed it! My cousin Paul came home from FSU for spring break, and it was nice to have him around too. Maggie, mom and I went for a long walk with the 2 pups to get ice cream. It's perfect weather in FL and it wasn't too hot at all to be walking around in the sunshine.

My flight home Monday was in the early afternoon, luckily there was more sunshine to enjoy before I boarded my plane back home. It was a really great relaxing weekend, and I can't wait to go back in a few weeks!

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Brie said...

YEAH!! Can't wait to go back!! It will be better this time because NO EPCOT