Monday, March 30, 2009

scavenger hunt - amazing race dc

April found on a LIMO scavenger hunt - and as she tried to convince an entire team to sign up - we did manage at least 6 people to come and play. Me, April, Varun, Leo, Juan and Stephanie joined with Brook, Jinaii, Stephanie and Cliff - to create "Better Late Than Never" team! And why this name - well, our 4 new friends were on time for the amazing race, but the rest of us however, were not! I arrived at exactly 7pm (we were supposed to arrive for 630, eep!) didn't realize Juan and Stephanie were already there, and we managed to confuse the people running the event. But finally - everyone else made it and we were given a list and a limo - and off we went!

The first list started in Arlington, which was perfect for our group. We had to stop at various locations, get team pictures out front certain businesses and with workers at Mister Days, Chinese restaurant menus with signatures in their native language, make a pyramid, get cookies, a certain (delicious) chocolate cake from Maggianos, random items from around Arlington - before we had to rush to the check point in DC. We were the first team to check in (bonus points!) and given our next list in DC. We went to the Mayflower hotel - got a picture with a lady in a tux, were yelled at not to run around or open certain doors (I'm actually surprised they let us run around the hotel!), got a group picture with a bouncer, out front the arches at China town, movie tickets, burger king crowns, pickles, a wet noodle! On top of questions about the team, and a thank you note for our awesome limo driver Roland! I'm not too sure how he managed to understand us or get us to where we needed to be, but he rocked! Of course the entire time the limo was stocked with various alcoholic beverages, that Roland was nice enough to let us finish before finding out the results from the race at the Hard Rock in china town.

We managed to get 3rd place - wooo! We didn't get any prize though, which is incredibly lame. But next time, we will take it all! (the prizes weren't that good anyway - tickets to embassy parties, the only bonus was that you have to dress up to go to the parties) And of course, we ate the entire giant piece of chocolate cake from Maggianos, oh man it was so good. Unfortunately this is where my night ended. My awful midterm needed to be finished (which it is and handed in YES) and I had to get up early Sunday! I metroed home with my burger king crown, and passed out!

There will be more pictures from April and Leos cameras - April had the most of them from the actual event on her camera. Will update!

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Apes said...

What a super fun time - we DEF have to do it again!!!