Monday, April 13, 2009

have easter

Yesterday I started my day early, was up and showered and ready for church. Instead of the typical Easter sermon our minister preached about Rebellion. He figured since a lot of people typically only go to church for christmas and easter, he would mix things up a bit and give a sermon about something else. Of course we did recognize the holiday and its significance, just focused on a different topic. I thoroughly enjoyed the sermon, and found it empowering - if you're interested, ask me about it :)

Afterwards, Leigh and Nick hosted an Easter brunch at their apartment. Leigh made an egg casserole, sausages, blueberry pancakes, cranberry mini muffins, laid out a gorgeous arrangement of fruit - for us to enjoy. Beth brought mimosa's - which went perfectly! And Linds brought dessert - a yummy chocolate cake. We spent most of the afternoon chatting and enjoying the sunshine on their balcony. After brunch was over I went with Nick and Leigh to the dog park to enjoy the sun and watch Kara run around. The weather was absolutely perfect and amazing, I had a fantastic Easter and I'm so glad I was able to celebrate it with my friends <3

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Elizabeth said...

It was fun to spend easter with you! :)