Monday, April 27, 2009


Saturday night, Jonna came over to get ready for the best 80s coverband ever - the Legwarmers!!! We spent the evening before finding the perfect outfit and accessories, (and enjoying a delicious dinner at Sette Bello) and were excited to put our outfits together. I do have to mention, yes my dress is entirely too big for me. It was a 7/8 (from the 80s so that means probably a 4/6 in todays standards) so you can tell that it obviously doesn't fit. BUT it was just too perfect not to get! We tried to pin it, but I busted the pin (I dance around a lot) and then lost the awesome giant flower hair clip/pin I had bought to go with it. Maybe in the cab or somewhere along the way. There was another dress that I loved, it was black and one shouldered with a giant PUFF of fabric and bow for the sleeve, and I think I need to go back to the consignment shop to purchase for another day, but I really loved and wanted the color of the teal polka dot dress. Earlier in the day before the concert, Jonna had braided her hair while wet so that when it dried, she would have instant crimped hair! And not only was it crimped, it was giant! Lots of mousse, and hairspray later, we then applied massive amounts of blue and teal eyeshadow appropriately to our eyebrows and dressed into our 80s garb. We were ready to face the modern world!

We hopped the metro, where I felt the need to take the sticker off Jonna's echo microphone, and ran into a guy who was also going to the concert. He seemed nice enough, and we offered to cab with him to the concert. It was a short cab ride, that he offered to pay for - excellent - free cab ride! We offered to buy him a beer should we see him inside. We met up with the group of Jonna's friends who were attending the concert for Laurie's 30th birthday celebration! Where almost the entire group was also completely dressed up. We danced, danced, danced, and sang for hours to the best 80s music. What made it even better, was having the echo microphones. How awesome it was to sing and play with them. Once the concert was over, it was wicked late and time to head back home. The entire metro ride Jonna and I sang and spoke into the microphones and probably annoyed anyone else who was on the train with us. The best part was getting off the metro, because not only did the microphone echo - but so did the tunnel! So we were extra loud and echo-y!

We greeted Evan at home, who was slightly cranky. It was too late to drag him to a bar, so instead we tried to entertain him, in 80s style. He was also distracted enough we tried to dress him up in some of our accessories, but sadly no one will ever know if that's true. We don't have any pictoral evidence. But it was really funny when he realized our ninja stealth accessorizing. We played with Balthazor a lot, which I was excited about because that meant he wouldn't wake me up at 5am (and seeing as how it was about 3am - only 2 hours of sleep is not enough!) And then I passed out in my giant hair and blue make up, my legs were sooo tired from dancing and jumping around, and it was awesome. That was the second time I've seen the Legwarmers, and it was just as much fun if not MORE than the first!! (probably only because this time I was dressed up appropriately!)

For more awesome 80s giant hair and rad pictures, click here!

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NorsWay said...

I miss the 80's madness and coming in late to bug Evan!