Friday, October 2, 2009


A few weeks ago I came home from my Thursday class and Jason sent me link for a show that he had just watched, and couldn't help but tell me all about one of the main characters. He has a crush on the red head, I clicked the link and heard it running in the background but didn't pay much attention to it. Until, I heard music. Starting the link over again I fell IN LOVE with this show, Glee.

Of course I have class when the show is on, so as soon as I get home from work Wednesdays I pull up hulu and watch the latest episode. I also like that Amy and I get to watch it together, even though she's in VT and I'm here in VA. I highly recommend this show, the music is amazing and exciting. (I definitely have a crush on the male lead, Finn) I think when it comes to music, it takes a lot of passion to perform and I completely melt!

Many of their songs you can download on iTunes, but also can find on youtube. Seriously, what can't you find on youtube. Here are some of my favorite songs!

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