Monday, September 28, 2009

zach and lynn's wedding

I was very excited to be invited by my coworker Zach to his wedding. It was fun to get the grooms perspective as he and Lynn made plans for their wedding day. He would share stories with me, and all the exciting planning and joys that come along with it.

His wedding was the very first morning wedding I have ever been to. I can't even imagine what time Lynn had to wake up to get ready for the day, as the ceremony started at 10:30am. And not only that, full Catholic mass. Zach and Lynn are very, very lucky that I like them a lot.

The church they chose to be married in was historical and built during late 18th Century in Forest Glen, MD. It had amazing stone structure and stained glass windows. The ceremony was very beautiful, but not as beautiful as Lynn. She had a very classic dress and a cathedral style veil. I have never seen a veil like hers, and it was gorgeous. They were both wearing gigantic smiles as they exchanged vows and wedding rings.

The reception was just across the street from the church, which made for a very easy commute. I enjoyed delicious foods and company. Also, Lynn had prepared a slide show of pictures of Zach and Lynn as kids and then pictures of them together, which was very sweet. I only stayed until 3pm where I unfortunately had to leave to do homework. But the wedding was a lot of fun, and I'm selfishly excited that he will be back at work on Monday :)

To see more pictures from Mr and Mrs Topel's wedding, click here!

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