Monday, March 14, 2011

dadds new zip code

Since dadds new job has moved him from lovely Portsmouth, NH to Morristown, NJ brother and I decided to take a quick drive up to visit his new home. He's temporarily living in a one bedroom apartment until the house in Portsmouth sells and he can find a new house in NJ. It was a tight squeeze with the three of us in the apartment, but we made it work. The benefit to dadds apartment was that he had a washer and dryer, that just like when I was in college, I brought a lot of dirty laundry to wash. Also, it's right in the town so everything you could possibly want is within walking distance. I have to admit, and the brat in me didn't keep me from sharing, that I wasn't entirely thrilled at the idea of dad moving to NJ. However, I've found that I'm pleasantly surprised with the town and might actually like it.

Friday night we went out to an Italian restaurant, Pazzo Pazzo, that was decent. Dadds was excited to have dinner with people he knew, so brother and I were able to provide some comfort and entertainment. We enjoyed and closed down the restaurant. Saturday we walked around Morristown and watched the St. Patrick's day parade, and the people. Dadds bought me a cupcake, deliciously red velvet, and we found an ice cream shoppe for a late breakfast/early lunch. As every good town has, there was also a pub crawl, and lots of drunken people running around in green and glorious St. Patrick's day accessories. After we had our fill of people watching, dad wanted to test drive some new cars (one of the perks of his new job). I played nice and did my best to enjoy driving around in different cars all afternoon. Brother and dad had a lot of fun comparing and discussing all the different cars, which unfortunately I couldn't tell you what they were. Just that they were fast and comfortable. Although I can say that he did finally decide on the 2011 Infinity G37. Once we got home we dressed up and went for dinner at Roots. A fancy restaurant with deliciously amazing food. Dadds ordered a deliciously earthy and dirty wine that I have to share with Jonna, if I can find it in VA. Once we were absolutely stuffed we ventured to the Frog to watch the end of the Uconn game, which of course they won! Unfortunately it was day lights saving time weekend, so we lost an hour before making our trip back to VA. We had a delicious breakfast at a local diner in Morristown and watched the Town (also finished up some laundry) and headed home. Brother and I listened to Ender's game which helped pass the time and we made it home in just over 4 hours.

Even though I've been hesitant about the switch from Boston to NYC areas, I have to admit that I might be willing to actually like NJ and it also doesn't suck living so close to my dad. This is the closest that we have lived near each other (4-5 hours) in over 8 years. So instead of a plane ride, I can just hop in my car and make quick trips any time! This works out well for the daddy's girl that I am.

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