Friday, March 25, 2011

time with my girls

Amy, Nora, and I decided that we needed another girls night! So we arranged for a long distance movie date night. Between our three schedules we finally found an evening that was free for each of us. It was Amy's turn to pick the movie and she picked Ella Enchanted (also happens to be the movie I bought her for Christmas!). I still have yet to buy a new headset so they were both annoyed with me and my poor connection. I should buy a new one while I'm thinking of it... We were all pretty chatty and missed most of the movie. It's a good thing we tend to pick movies we've already seen. I wish we could all be together in person more often, but I'll take these nights as often as I can get :) Especially since Nora is only a month away from having Teddy dear, we should plan more before the baby arrives!

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