Thursday, May 19, 2011

graduation celebration

I started to feel a little under the weather, which was really bad timing because my graduation was coming up. Even though I technically finished in December, I decided that I wanted to walk the stage and make it official in a fancy cap and gown. Also, numerous friends/classmates were also graduating so I figured, why not?!

I ended up with a really bad cold. I lost my voice, could barely breathe, and had a lovely cough. It made the day a little less enjoyable, but I pushed on anyway. It was my day! Dad drove down from Jersey late in the afternoon, and mom and grams were supposed to fly up from Florida. Grandma ended up having to cancel her flight because her blood pressure was far too high and she needed to stay home and see her doctor. But mom arrived bright and early and I picked her up from the metro. We decided first to have an early lunch at Silver Diner with some delicious milkshakes, and then get a manicure. Afterward I was feeling really tired and sick, so I took a nap before I had to get ready for the ceremony. Mom went back to her hotel and I got all dressed up and walked over to wait for dad. Once he showed up we drove to campus.

I met up with my classmates, got all dressed up in my fancy cap and gown and took numerous pictures. I felt like a dinosaur in my giant green robe and stomped around rawring! Brother and Varun showed up in time to watch me walk across the stage, and proceeded to beg me to leave via text message before the entire ceremony was over. I made them sit it out and wait until it was done. It was mass chaos afterward and really difficult to find anyone. Each program in the Sciences/Humanities had an arranged area for snacks and meet and greet after. Of course, the history department was assigned to meet smack in the entrance of the auditorium, so everyone who was leaving was messed up and tangled in the entrance. Which means, I didn't get the chance to mingle with my classmates. Too many people and too hungry to fight through the crowd! We did manage a few more pictures with me and brother and my beautiful bouquet of roses from dad.

I decided that afterward I wanted to continue the celebration and go to Foccia Luna for dinner. They have the best pizza, so melty and yummy. The drive from Fairfax to Arlington was a little obnoxious but we made it and met up with Varun and Calvin, who decided to join us for dinner celebrations. Varun and brother bought me a delicious raspberry white chocolate cake! That was in true cake wreck style, it made me very happy :) And it was delicious. We ordered two very large pizzas and inhaled them. We had to cut the night short because I had to get up very early for work and I was still feeling sick, very lame.

I'm really glad I decided to walk across the stage, in my gloriously green cap and gown and white amazing hood :) So proud of myself and so glad that Dad, Mom, brother, and Varun were able to attend!

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