Sunday, May 22, 2011

weekend with momz

Not only was mom in town for my graduation, but also through the weekend. Brother and I got to see mom twice in the same month! Which has been unheard of since I left for college fall of 2000.

On Friday both brother and I had to work, so mom decided she would also work from the comfort of her hotel room. She had brought her work laptop with her and got settled in her room at the desk and comfy chair. After work I walked straight from the metro to the hotel. I had planned ahead and packed a bag of everything I needed. My apartment was literally a 5 minute walk down the street, but I didn't even want to make that much effort! I was still sick and really tired from the busy events of the week. We convinced Varun and brother to meet up at the hotel for dinner and a movie, and to play some Guillotene.

Saturday morning mom and I were really lazy and slowly got ready for the day. I walked back to my apartment to shower and get ready. I picked up mom, brother, and Keila for an adventure day! Not an adventure as in exploring DC, but as in shopping! Mom likes to spoil us when she can, and we take full advantage. Brother had just moved into a new apartment and needed various things. His previous place was furnished, so he needed a bed, sheets and things, etc. We jumped around various mattresses at Searsm and bought about a thousand pillows. I needed some too! Mom bought me a new tv for a graduation present (woohoo!) and some random odds and ends from Bed Bath and Beyond. Brother is officially set for his new apartment (minus the curtain I still have yet to hem, working on that..). We went to Vapiano for dinner before going to the movies to see the latest Pirates movie. We always seem to time seeing these movies when mom is in town, and we couldn't break the tradition.

Brother had to ref all day Sunday and really early, so it was just me and mom for the day! Her flight left that afternoon so we just spent the day doing more shopping. I had a few gift cards to use and since I've gained significant weight, desperately needed new work clothes. After shopping I sent mom on her way back to Tampa. We probably won't see her next until Lisa's wedding in CT in September. But it was really great to get to spend time together and see her twice in a short amount of time :)

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