Tuesday, June 28, 2011

roommate #3

After meeting numerous people who were interested in our 3rd bedroom, we finally offered the basement bedroom to Sam. A nice boy from Seattle who works for the government. He was away on a business trip somewhere down South, so we emailed him the application. He replied that he was interested in living in our house and would mail out the application and check for the credit check the next day and that we should expect to receive it Monday. However, Monday came and went, and nothing in the mail from Sam. Tuesdays mail arrived, and still no mail from Sam. I emailed him requesting that he verify his status and left a voicemail as well. Sam has disappeared. We never heard from Sam again, and so we began the search for a roommate, again.

The timing was bad as I was headed out of town to visit my dad with brother and help him get settled into his new house in Jersey. We decided to have people over Friday evening before we headed up to dadds, and Jonna went to H St to celebrate Evan's 29th birthday. We ended up having 8 people stop by the house. This viewing was significantly better than any previous attempt. There were multiple people that we liked and had a difficult time making a decision. In the end, we finally made a decision. AND HOORAY!! Emelia accepted our offer! She's a mid-20s environmental engineer from Houston, TX, who is incredibly friendly and energetic, and will be moving in at the end of the month. She is moving to Arlington, VA from Texas, so she's completely new to the area and very excited. Can't wait to have her move in and settled and have everyone meet her!

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