Friday, August 19, 2011

let's go to KOKOMO

A phone call came in at work and the user id said, KOKOMO. And I'm thinking, let's go to KOKOMO! Thinking about the beach boys song and how lovely that sounds, only to discover that KOKOMO doesn't actually exist as a beach and is really a town in Indiana.

Yes I went to and typed "Kokomo" and Indiana is what I got. I zoomed out a bunch to see where it was located in relation to me in DC and it's essentially slapped in the middle of Indiana.

Now really, Indiana. No one wants to go to Indiana. And if you do, there has to be some significantly amazing reason to do so. Which doesn't exist, so really... no. No one wants to go.

Despite this I was interested in seeing if maybe we could actually want to go to KOKOMO. So I googled it and found the city website. Ginger asked me to see if there was anything interesting there that might convince us to plan an imaginary trip to Kokomo. I found a link for historical sites, landmarks, and museums, and briefly read through the list of what this city had to offer; a covered bridge, a museum, a stump, chief kokomo, and old ben - an incredibly massive cow, who is no longer alive. I was intrigued by the "Chief Kokomo" so decided to read more about this guy.

Cheif Kokomo is who the town is named after, clearly. He is surrounded in legend and myth and a lot of what they state on the website seems well, legend. It's not well documented, as the historian in me would prefer, so I took it as local lore that the lovely people hold dear to their hearts. It's an interesting tale that adds something to this city that is not really a beach or anything like the beach boys sing about. I'm all about local lore and legend, so this little story redeemed KOKOMO a bit in my heart.

A little from the website "One vicious story about Chief Kokomo is that he was nothing but a "coon-hunting, root digging old redskin" who was shiftless, atrociouisly lazy, and given to beating up his squaw every time he over-indulged in strong drink, which was often." Apparently the town at the time reflected the "ornery" characteristics of Kokomo, and hence a city is born.

ALSO I found they had a link for visitors that says "Kokomo Beach" and I was like oh ok! Maybe they DO have a beach after all! And it's not all a lie.. no. It's still a lie. Welcome to Kokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center. It's a pool. I mean, it does have some water slides and they look fun but, still not a beach.

No offense to the city and all I'm sure it has become, but it was disappointing to find out that when I dream of going to Kokomo, it's not nearly as amazing as I thought it would be.

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BBBBurns said...

I'm going to Indiana for MotoGP. Indianapolis here I come!