Sunday, August 14, 2011

revenge of the crohns

After two relatively flare free years, I finally had to cave in and make a doctors appointment last week. I had a mini flare in December (around the same time as finals, thank you very little stress), but was able to clear it up on my own. I was delaying, hoping that it would pass on its own, but it only got worse. I'll spare any of the details, just know that crohn's is incredibly painful and miserable. Life for the past 3-4 weeks has been depressing, frustrating and lonely, but it's hard to do otherwise when your body is painfully demanding. I've literally been a lump in my bed, very lame.

Since it had been a long time I expected that my doctor would want to schedule some tests, colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood, etc. The endoscopy and blood tests would be cake, it's the other one I dread. Not that the procedure itself is bad, you're entirely knocked out the entire time. Just the day before the test you're on a clear liquid diet and then that night after starving all day you have to take/drink the most disgusting liquids ever, which of course result in numerous trips to the bathroom. It's incredibly difficult not to throw up the soapy liquid, which you're expected to drink an ENTIRE gallon of before midnight. The whole day before is torture. And this is me leaving out the worst bits.

Anyway, I was incredibly surprised when after a basic examination my doctor decided to only prescribe Prednisone for the next month, oh steroid how I love thee, and no tests! He also wrote me a new prescription to replace the monthly medication I've been on the last 2.5 years. Pentasa has been costing me anywhere from $400-600/month, and supposedly this new medication (I'll pick it up within the next 2 weeks) will cost less. It's a generic brand that is a bit of a higher dose so I'll only have to take 3 pills 3 times a day (total of 3!), instead of 2 pills 3 times a day (total of 6). Less pills? Yes please! I do however have to go back for a follow up appointment in October, so there's a chance that he'll want to run some tests then. Hopefully not, but I know that I probably should.. despite how much I really don't want to.

I've been taking the Prednisone and the Pentasa for about 4 days and I feel SO much better! Also, the one positive thing throughout this latest flare, I managed NOT to lose any weight! I'm holding strong at 116lbs!! (That's almost 25lbs I've managed to gain since May 2009 :D) I'll taper the Prednisone and will finish that on Sept 2nd. Which is perfect timing. I hope that by then, if not before, everything will be back to working order. There are big things coming in September that I need to be in good health for :)

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