Tuesday, March 30, 2010

connor's 7th grade trip to DC

My cousin Connor lives in Tampa FL and his 7th grade class took their required field trip to Washington, DC. My Uncle Roger, played chaperon to the kids for the few days they were exploring VA and DC. They called me up and we arranged to meet up when they had a few free hours to explore on their own. I metroed after work to the Smithsonian stop and hung around the National Mall waiting for their bus to arrive. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and I got to enjoy the magnolia's as well at the Smithsonian Castle garden. The day was chilly and windy, but the sun made it a little warm and tolerable.

My uncle had a few kids in tow along with him and Connor and they decided to check out the Air and Space Museum. There were thousands of people wandering around the National Mall and inside the museum. Everything was a fight, to push and shove in order to play/read exhibits. There were a few new exhibits since I had been last, which was neat to see and explore. They had a section about flight attendants from the 1960s and 70s and the requirements to be one of these beautys in the sky. The kids wanted to play on the flight simulators, so I hung out and played on Connor's DS while I waited. Those things make me so sick to my stomach! Connor bought some freeze dried ice cream, which is still just as gross as I remember, and some dog tags. He got "Connor Jaynes Playstation Master" on his tags, which is super lame and I made fun of him for getting it.

I left around 4:30pm because I had to metro home to have dinner and get ready for class. It was fun to see my cousin and uncle and play around in the museum :) I didn't have to pay a thing to visit with my family - I think they should come to visit me more often!

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