Sunday, March 7, 2010

portrait gallery

I've never been to the National Portrait Gallery in China Town, but I have walked past it many times. Stephanie has been interning at the gallery and invited me to come visit when she was done with work to give me a tour! Also, I hadn't seen her since the end of fall semester, which is a stupid long time, and we needed to hang out!

I met up with her around 3:30pm, stuffed my coat into a locker and we were on our way. She gave me the full and complete tour! It was a lot of fun seeing portraits of people from our history, and actually knowing who they were and why having their portrait hanging in this museum was notable. She told me stories about some of the people, and we talked about the project she's working on. We made fun of the modern exhibits, because we don't appreciate them and their ridiculousness, and I saw all the portraits of our American Presidents. She was very excited to show me a specific portrait of Charles Peale. Anyone who had museum studies with us last semester knows - that I hate him. So she was entertained to share that with me :) And even though I hate him, I did appreciate the sentiment heh.

After we were finished with my private tour, we went to Vapiano (vampire) for dinner. We chat, chat, chatted for a few hours before I had to get back to homework and she was ready to head home and do nothing! (Having the schedules we have, doing nothing is the best anyone could ask for!) I'm working on bugging Stephanie more. It's less convienient now that we don't have any classes together, and she thinks she's so smart graduating this spring. BUT I'm hoping she gets a job in the DC area so she can stay local and move closer to the city!

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