Saturday, March 20, 2010

relaxing night

Sometimes it gets lonely sitting alone for hours on end doing homework. I always love it when Jonna asks me over to do homework and have dinner. This night, she made my favorite dish!! Spinach pasta with curry,tomtoes, apples and chicken. All the flavors together are just so delicious, and the apples crunch adds a little zing!

That same night some of my Grad friends were getting together for happy hour at Rockbottom. I got out of my internship late and vouched for doing homework at home instead of trying to rush over, when Jonna called me and invited me over. Stephanie was hoping to meet up with people late, but when she arrived no one was there! We're not sure if they left early or what, but instead we invited Stephanie over to Jonna's and the 3 of us enjoyed dinner and great company, while I managed to also get some homework done. Relaxing Friday nights are pretty awesome after a long work/school week :)

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