Sunday, February 20, 2011

professional guest

Tywanna invited me over Friday afternoon for some quality productivity time. She's still working on getting her Masters and I'm working on finishing my book for my history book club next week, we decided to get some work accomplished in good company. However, it was Friday afternoon and gorgeous outside, we may have gotten sidetracked.

I had to run various errands before heading to Tywanna's and picked up the few things I needed to make baked pears (Amy's recipe) and found that roses were incredibly cheap, thanks to the passing of Valentine's day. Since I've lately been reading books written during the late 1800s (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre) I thought it would be fun to get some roses for us to enjoy and picked out white roses with bright pink tips, very romantical and classic. What was even more silly was that Tywanna was dressed up in a long flowy dress and top that mimicked the style of the women in these classic books. We decided to carry on our theme and watch romantic period movies while crafting.

We spent the night chatting away until we were falling asleep. I spent the night in the spare room so that Saturday morning we could wake up and continue our fun. We took a trip to Jo-Ann fabric to get more thread and fabric for Tywanna's latest sewing project and met Jeff for lunch in Clarendon. Since we had spent lots of time playing, it was time for work to be done. I left them to be productive and I headed home.

Later that night I had plans to hang out with Sherri and Spencer and see their new house in Falls Church. We enjoyed delicious wine (and potentially skunky beer) and spent hours playing with the Kinect! Their kitchen is my favorite part of the house, it's old fashioned. They were able to get their landlord to replace the floor tiling and fix a few other things before moving in. Second favorite thing is the mini kitty door they have set up in the window for Meph, he can come and go as he pleases! I had a very busy few days playing professional caller. Tywanna suggested I invest in some calling cards to leave with my friends. But in this day and age, I think a text message or email will work just as well.

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