Sunday, February 27, 2011

where the wine flows like water

In the Crystal City mall there was a wine race! Jonna signed up for the 3pm wine race heat and instructed others to do the same. Lindsay, Michelle, Kristen, Jonna, and I met up at the mall and signed in. We even had running bibs to wear, which was a little over the top. Jonna, Kristen, and I started the race out with delicious ice cream from Coldstone. Once Lindsay and Michelle arrived, the race began.

First we had to pick up our special wine tasting glasses and tickets. There were 20 tickets, which amounted to 20 oz of wine. At first we all thought that 20 tickets was too few. By the end of the race however, we realized it was more than enough! There were multiple stops throughout the mall that had numerous red and white wine for tasting. Jonna and Kristen kept track of the wine we liked and didn't like. Along the way we met some interesting people, which only added to the experience. One of which was a woman with very snazzy (read: terrible) white fur boots! We snuck in a picture of me with her, very spy like, so everyone could see her glorious boots. The final "finish line" was in a giant room that had at least 15 different wines available for tasting. There were also snacks and treats, which we really wished were spread more throughout the entire race. Luckily I had stolen some packets of oyster crackers from Hard Times the weekend before and stashed them in my purse. My snack saved the day! But, we could've used some food earlier on, heh. By this point we'd all had plenty of wine. There were so many people congregated in the last room, and the room had cement floors and was missing ceiling tiles (classy right?), that the noise and echoing got to be overwhelming. We decided we had successfully won the wine race, and it was time to move on!

Michelle, Lindsay, Jonna, and I went to Me Jana for some delicious dinner. We had a full day of drinking and it was exhausting! We got a few tapas plates to share and relaxed before we decided to head to the Kitty to play naked photo hunt! and continue the night. Brother decided to join the fun too! Unfortunately, naked photo hunt wasn't working so we had to play regular photo hunt, which really isn't nearly as much fun. We ended the night at Eleventh with a dance party.

I posted a few more pictures from the day in my gallery.

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