Monday, February 7, 2011

brother is the new 25

Jonna arranged an honorary new years celebration on Saturday, which also happened to be the night before brothers big birthday. I put on my sassy shoes and dragged Stephanie into Arlington with me to meet up with people at Jonna's before venturing to Steve's bar. I convinced brother and Varun to join us after their murder mystery dinner in Dupont. As soon as I walked into the bar I saw Danny Grimes!! I haven't seen Danny for 2-ish years and it was sooooooo happy to see him. We enjoyed drinks and I made him dance with me, for old times sake.

After a few drinks (and birthday shots) we meandered over to Cafe Citron where with the secret password - we crashed a private party for someones birthday. I didn't like the music nearly as much as at Steve's bar, but continued to rock out. Once the lights flickered it was time to head home. Which, was a very very long journey. Also, riding the metro drunk is a terrrrrrrrible idea. I can't wait to move back into civilization.

Sunday was brother's birthday and the celebration continued. I remembered why I don't typically drink, dropped Stephanie off at her car, and managed to make it over to Varun's for birthday brunch on time. Varun made a "white sauce" with eggs and mustard that is slathered all over bread. It was, interesting. Which is why I made and brought over Cinnabons!! and oranges. Jonna brought over Guillotine which is the best card game that we played for hooouurs. Jonna and I won numerous games, brother and Varun were not so lucky. We spent the rest of the day eating and I napped, often. I love that brother lives here in DC now and that I can spend and celebrate his birthday with him :) Happy 25th birthday dear brother!

More pictures in my gallery of brothers celebration!

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