Monday, July 13, 2009

mark has bbq

Mark hosted a BBQ at his Dad's house in Potomac, MD. (Or his dad hosted and Mark took the credit!) This required me to drive up to MD and leave VA, again. I had never been to Potomac, MD and it was gorgeous. Very nice houses, and a lot of green! Sometimes I forget what suburbia is like. The weather was absolutely perfect and sunny - the pool was very warm and everyone spent most of the time swimming, playing, floating and splashing. Mark's pup Lance oddly doesn't like to swim, and would continually attempt to save us from the pool.

Mark's dad made beer can chicken on the BBQ, with corn, hot dogs, hamburgers, lo mein, etc - BBQ foods! Which was sooo delicious and eaten rather quickly by everyone. It's hard work sitting in the sun and swimming in a pool. I didn't stay too late as I had made plans to stop by Leigh's on my way home (to check out the decorations her and Colleen bought for Gwen's upcoming bachelorette party and chat!) but was given a giant cupcake! to take home with me. I shared the giant, delicious cupcake with Leigh and Nick. It was the most relaxing afternoon, and not a bad way to end a great weekend :D

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